On Friday Open Thread

@stonefruit And did you have any idea they had those feelings before you read them online? Are they defamatory?

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On Jane Talks to the Marrieds

The first time I read the intro, I thought she was going to be talking to marrieds at COSTCO(not Cosmo). I would LOVE to read those interviews.

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On On the Affirmative Action Ban in Michigan

@szajic: This might be too personal, but I wondered which of Jia's race/privileged articles resonate with you the most? I've been trying to talk to a wealthy white guy about this stuff and trying not to get frustrate at pointing out stuff that seems obvious. I don't want to make it seem like a personal attack, so I've been trying to share interesting articles. Thanks!

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On "Furler wrote Rihanna's 'Diamonds' in 14 minutes"

Sia makes me wonder if everyone could have a super-skill and we just need to find the right activity? Or maybe there are only a few special snowflakes?
This helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEiopL0AIkg

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On Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

@Demetri I think that Jia is upset about the content of the article she is reviewing; nothing against interracial relationships.

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On Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

@idrathernot Thanks for calling it out! Seems many guys posting from Facebook have some nasty opinions that they NEED to share with us.

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On Friday Open Thread

@OhMarie My mom named her stray cat Nomigato (not my cat).

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On Friday Open Thread

@tealily Is there anything in their personal life that your boss has mentioned starting or enjoying in retirement? Or you give them a reminder of the impact of their work, like framing an article or photo.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)
1. amazing tomatoes from the farmer's market (tasted like sunshine)
2. adorable toddler cousins
3. many excellent workout instructors,
4. coworkers that go to class with me
5. good friends + honest conversations

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On Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

@stuffisthings Ehh... I see where this is coming from, but race is a social construct. One that the hegemony uses to "other" certain groups. In most cases, race is short-hand for socio economic status, etc.
I guess I'm a bit sensitive to it because I'm mixed race with a white parent, and I really benefit socially from being able to manipulate people's perception of my race (white privilege). Some people don't have that as an option.
Edited to add: I'm not suggesting that "passing" as white is a good thing that people should aspire to. I think this article is saying eventually everyone will be able to pass as exotic white or average white, and everyone here has a great critique on why that perspective is stupid and racist.

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