On Get Your Arse Out, Mate!

I would be delighted to see what your D is like homie.

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On April Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

@large__marge: Capricorn, for years you have been living under the dark shadow of a planet you do not belong to
It is so relevant that it hurts my heart.

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On Friday Open Thread

@ clara morena Is it a debt account or a credit card? If a debt account, maybe consolidate your accounts and close it? If a credit card, you might want to keep it, since I think part of your credit rating includes how long you've had an account.

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On Friday Open Thread

@tofuswalkman My parents just raised some! I think the most adorable part was when my mom asked the feed store how to prepare their oatmeal . The main thing was just to keep them warm, in the early stages.

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On How To Do Pull-Ups

@stonefruit How about a pull up bar in your doorway? I have tried the doorframe option, and the ledge was/is really small for a good grip.

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On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison You can try disputing it, since it was their error. The worst they can do is leave it on. I have a very common name, so I frequently have other people's stuff on my credit report. It is a hassle tho :(

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On Someone Explain Dating to Me

Possibly unpopular opinion- skip the free dating sites. I had very normal experiences on HowAboutWe. In addition to the fact that people are paying, it might also be a older demographic or early adopters.
I think a lot of people use Tinder and OKC as a way to bolster their egos, not as tools for reasonable communication. It sorta ruins things for everyone else :(

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On Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Tell the Difference Between Prestige and Personal Satisfaction?

@sjöhäxa: Have you considered working in law as a non-lawyer to figure it out? Law school is a huge financial investment and social-justice and policy fields are oversaturated, so jobs are pretty competitive. Teaching is tough, and I hear terrible things about doing TFA, but there might be ways to get experience doing that, before you make a decision.

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On Reasons Why Everyone is Engaged But Me: A Sampling

@ clara morena Cute little girl who is accessorizing like a BOSS. The ring pop with the crown...

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant No, a Capricorn. I have been trying to figure out what the Galactic Rabbit's advice for this month and I'm still confused...

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