On Notes from a Liar

Wow. This was like ripping off a band-aid, in the best possible way.

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On The Playground Gourmet

@Dizzy This was delightful :) I love the looking-over-the-shoulder photos!!

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On Ask a Fancy Person: Occasionless Gifts, Chemo Baldness at the Office, The "Thanks For the Birthday Wishes" Anomie

The "bald woman" is Amber Rose, a bad ass bitch in her own right. Google with caution! Probably most images will be NSFW.

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On This Is The Day Before 40

@disco_clone: Wow! Do you have any other mnemonics for spelling? I never got beyond 'i before e, except after c'.

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On La Malinche, La Llorona, La Virgen: My Mother's Ghost Stories

@Mariajoseh - Yea, I think it means "blond(e)" more than white. Like my dad is pretty dark, but he has a lighter patch of hair, so they called him güero (güera). It sounds like wera/weta. My experience is that it isn't considered rude or derogatory, just descriptive. I was called it all the time in school when the teacher didn't remember my name, since I have light brown hair.

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On A Character Study of the Trainwreck

Bachelorette, anyone? It seemed like it was going to dark, down-the-women's relationship rabbit-hole. Then it turns into the train-wreck stereotype.

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On First Aid Kit, "Stay Gold"

KCRW is in Santa Monica :)

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On Weekend Roundup

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)
Yes! The Hairpin was so GOOD at music and advice this week.
1. Baba-yaga, Galactic Rabbit, Amy Schumer, and Ask Polly- for filling my anxious heart with calm. Most anxiety is from being not sure if I'm going to get dumped/major conflict this weekend?
2. Pot luck tonight, knitting yesterday.
3. I'm really close to getting free biofeedback therapy!!
4. Putting so much music on repeat this week, getting me through the day.
5. Possibly new cell phone this weekend? Must decide on the plan/carrier...

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On "Nobody is here because they dreamed of doing this": On Training to Be a Nurse Aide

@BoatGirl I think a bit part of the low-pay is that people don't plan financially to be institutionalized, but society doesn't really want to think about it, plan for it, or pay for it either. There aren't that many systems to keep people safely at home or in semi-independent living, since Medicare doesn't cover that as readily/easily as nursing homes. Even if a person's child is caring for them in their old age, it is very hard (and can lead to burn-out) if the parent isn't able to do the activities of daily living.

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On June Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

@AM Oof. As a fellow Capricorn, I feel like I'm down the rabbit hole and I need the Galactic Rabbit to map my way out.

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