On What Your Bag Says About You

Am I the only two-purser? I currently have a small crossbody + large tote combo. Wallet, cell phone, small things in little purse and big work things and lunch in big purse.

Unfortunately, my big purse right now is an 8 year old Longchamp that I've used so much the handles are stretched and there are holes in the corners of the bag. But so durable and trusty!

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On First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule

@Jolie Kerr He's taken. By my mom.

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On First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule

@SarahP That's my dad! If you look closely he's smoking a cig and drinking champagne. My mom always says how much she loves his legs. It's a photo of a photo and probably my favorite pic of my dad.

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On How to Boil Eggs

This is me, except with egg poaching. Lost my poached egg mojo a year ago and am now serving up small bits of watery white and a completely separate half-cooked yolk on toast.

It's disgusting.

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On The Chicken Sausage Wrap is Okay

@sox I know it's illegal, but I don't want to make a stink and then show up there every day. It's kind of a small town, and I know most of the people who work there (by sight anyways). Like Nicole, I'm armed with knowledge and absolutely no desire to make waves.

But, I have resolved to purchase a gift card and buy my coffee that way. Love that idea!

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On The Chicken Sausage Wrap is Okay

The Monterey jack veggie breakfast sandwich is where it's at. Also, RIP the delicious and short-lived black bean breakfast wrap.

I feel guilty about how much I go to Starbucks, but my local coffee shop doesn't accept credit cards for purchases less than $5.

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On The Wine Scout: If Anyone Orders Merlot…

Used to sell Sterling Merlot at this restaurant I worked at, and people would laugh at my hyperbolic descriptions of that wine. But I'll be damned if it wasn't the lushest, jammiest, big fruitiest wine ever.

It's so sad I can't find it anywhere. Sterling, you brought me back to merlot, and I will always love you for it.

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On Always Fix the First Thing That Breaks: A Cautionary Tale

Don't let things go, but also don't make lists of the things you've let go and then accidentally show that list to your interns. This is what they saw:
To-do before best friend arrives:
-clean out under bed
-replace light bulbs in living room, kitchen, bathroom, and hall (my house is very dark right now)
-get bathroom door fixed
-get bathroom drain fixed
-fix headboard
Intern: but you always look very responsible and put together.
Me: that's an easy thing to do when your life is in shambles, kiddo!

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On Pain-Proof: Becoming the Lady Aye

Oh girl, I feel you, and thank you for this. Woke up early from back surgery. Scariest thing that's ever happened to me.

They don't tell you that when that thing is down your throat you can't talk! I thought maybe my voice was just gone? Like, it went somewhere during surgery and never came back? Coulda been the anesthesia, that made my thinking a little blurry. But either way, after an accident that caused me to have 8 total surgeries and years of physical therapy, waking up intubated is the only thing that sticks with me. Actual torture is the only way to describe it.

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On Books That Beat Their Iconic Sibling-Books: Great Expectations vs. Dombey and Son

"...she was like, Lady Dedlock’s thesis advisor at Bitch School."

I can haz brain transplant please? Bleak House is too AMA to be Very Serious. Also, Dombey and Sons was one of the writing examples on my AP English test a decade ago, and I still remember reading the passage and being like, "Booyah suckers, I've totally read it!"

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