Mohawk Chick

Mohawk Chick

I'm 20, bisexual, Canadian, butch, feminist, promiscuous, sarcastic and awesome. I was formerly a music major and now I'm beginning my trade certification as a mechanic. Still trying to figure out what to do with my life-I may yet switch and become an electrician or a women's studies professor. I like the word "fuck" a lot, especially when applied to "the patriarchy". I have no tattoos, 5 piercings and one mohawk that changes colours monthly. I listen to punk and riot grrl but not exclusively. I had a question answered by A Queer Chick once.

On Millennial Medical Questions to Text My Mother

I mean, I eat "expired" hummus from dumpsters all the time. As long as there's no mold, its fine.

Also, blackstrap mollasses have iron & aren't totally gross

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On The Best Time My Girlfriend’s Baby Tooth Fell Out

@H.R. Vixen I have an extra wisdom tooth, it's pretty bullshit. I'm 21 and they're already coming in

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On Two Dance Sequences You Probably Can't Replicate Just Yet

I bet Terra and this kid would have fun hanging out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eRBFkxgG7g

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On What Kind of Restaurant Are You?

@roadtrips ME TOO! See also: always broke

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy Awww yessss I am also spending the (canadian long)weekend cuddling my special ladyfriend, cheers!

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On The Dark Alley Pie

@Heat Signature I make sure to "talk" really loudly about how much I'm enjoying my kickboxing gym

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On Thank You So Much For Being With Me Tonight to Celebrate My Twenty-Five-And-Twelve-Month Birthday

@Summer Somewhere Bankers and sucessful manufacturing entrepreneurs, so it's close enough that I'm supposed to be in Julliard instead of living in a queer household with a bunch of punks and anarchists.

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On Thank You So Much For Being With Me Tonight to Celebrate My Twenty-Five-And-Twelve-Month Birthday

This makes me feel so much better about being a directionless 20 year old loser, whew.

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On 2NE1, "Falling In Love"

Ugh how are they all SO CUTE. I'm dying.

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On What Goes With Your Summer Ennui?

What pairs with the summer where the last hope of being a late-blooming adolescent prodigy is past, but you are yet too young to have any meaningful accomplishments. A summer spent with no trips, just endless days spent shuffling back and forth from your shitty un-air-conditioned warehouse job and your shitty un-air-conditioned bachelor apartment, the only moderately stimulating events being your twice-weekly anarchist meetings at an un-air-conditioned vegan collective, your once-monthly mushroom trip, and arguments with the cops over your right to go topless in public spaces. Also, there are occasional adrenaline-infused nights where you return home from wheatpasting political graffiti on government buildings, only to realize that you forgot to remove the drugs from your backpack before committing vandalism. I'm thinking gin and ginger-ale out of a re-purposed Ragu jar?

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