On "Closet space has always been very, very important."

NYC real estate being what it is, I could see myself going the wardrobe over closet route were it to be the only way I could afford to buy an apartment. On the other hand, my new apartment has a walk in closet but we have to buy a room divider to separate the bedroom from the living room so it's fairly clear where my priorities lie.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emmanuelle Cunt Are you familiar with moleskin? I end up with a strip around the inner heel of all of my shoes because I get blisters like crazy. (Which is kind of odd since when I was a dancer I was the only person I knew who never got pointe shoe blisters.)

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On Friday Open Thread

Moving day is tomorrow -- I am in the stage of packing where I just grab whatever hasn't been packed and stuff it in a box. Well, maybe not quite, but I will be at about 9 pm tonight. At least this time I have plenty of boxes.

And by this time tomorrow I will be officially shacked up. WOOOOOOOO

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On 15 Cats That Are Leaning In

This is appropriate, as tomorrow I am moving into an apartment with both a formal home office and a cat. I see many similar pictures in my future.

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On The #DreamLover Pie

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood I once dated a guy way longer than I should have because we bonded on our first date over our flip phones.

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On The Top 10 Things My Accountant Said While Preparing My Taxes

@Lu2 Heh. My accountant is my dad, and I was thinking this sounded like his comments. I do my own taxes now.

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On The 23 Fold Path to Successfully Watching Kevin Ware Break His Leg

@area@twitter I actually had the game on, but I had it on mute because I was listening to my alma mater's women's team get crushed by Tennessee and cleaning out my fridge. By the time I looked up it was just shots of the teammates looking traumatized. I've never been happier to have been cleaning the fridge.

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On Sugg-eggs-tions [Sorry Sorry Sorry]

This is the first Easter I did not make/eat any of my traditional Easter foods (generally deviled eggs and Jello, sometimes also cinnamon rolls if I am ambitious), because I am about to move and I decided to pack/clean the kitchen Sunday instead of making a bigger mess.

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On "Spirit in the Sky," Norman Greenbaum

@Scandyhoovian Me, too. Only on account of my purchasing the Apollo 13 soundtrack in college, my earworm includes Tom Hanks saying "Hello, world!" over the opening bars.

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On Friday Open Thread

Halfway through my notice period today and I CAN NOT WAIT until this is not my job any longer. It's kind of just starting to dawn on me how much inane busy work they make me do because no one else wants to do it. Although hilariously, it's also starting to dawn on my coworkers that they are going to have to take back all of that busy work. I feel kind of bad, but I also kind of don't.

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