On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy It was ugly, but somehow not as soul crushingly ugly as Jets losses usually are? I don't know, maybe having the Pats also look bad helped.

The Cardinals can not shake the Pirates, but the team as a whole has been playing better so I feel less like we're doomed to immediate elimination if we wind up with a Wild Card. Though having a weekend series against the Mariners in September is all kinds of bizarre.

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On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison I am so sorry. I bled on my couch recently. Jolie recommended saline solution to take out blood in one of her Jezebel columns and it really does work, if you're still working on cleanup.

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On Friday Open Thread

@wallsdonotfall I was fretting about leaving my last job (which was also understaffed and about to make some big changes to my position). I started into "it's going to sucks if they get all this set up and then I leave" and my boyfriend reminded me "it will suck - for THEM. You'll have a better job." if you wait for a good time to leave, you'll be stuck forever.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy I am a Cards fan so I am not allowed to root for the Pirates until we are out of the playoffs (which will be pretty early on the way our starting pitching is going.

I am totally in on Pick em. My strategy for coping with another miserable Jets season is finding plenty of NFL distractions.

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On Envisioning a Better Beer Can That Is Just a Beer Can

I'm okay with fancy beer cans as long as they continue to employ Mark Evan Jackson in their commercials.

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On Today I Will Go To Chipotle for Lunch

@parallel-lines I like it fine, but I grew up in the land of Taco Bueno which is the BEST fast Tex Mex chain and has way better guacamole. So Chipotle to me is always just the adequate substitute.

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On Image Serving No Purpose Other Than to Let Us Stare at That Sweet Face All Day

@packedsuitcase I did not get into grad school the first time I applied. And it sucked and it was awful but it made me realize I really, really wanted to go to grad school. So I applied again -- and the school I ultimately attended was one that wasn't even on my first round radar. And you could make a HIMYM like argument that every good thing that has happened in my life since then started from choosing that particular school. So: I wish you the best of luck on this round, but also if you do NOT get in, it doesn't have to be the end of that particular road.

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On "Closet space has always been very, very important."

@Urwelt I have given up trying to understand apartment floorplans. Sometimes I think the architects have little spinning wheels to decide what they are going to put where.

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On Tumblrs of Note: Reasons My Son Is Crying

@parallel-lines As someone who is nervous about the toddler years of my future children, it always makes me feel better that all the pediatricians and preschool teachers in my own family are like "yup, toddlers are just jerks."

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On Let's Talk a Bit About the Woman Who Regrets Her Kids

@Amphora My boyfriend was an accident (his parents' marriage was already on the rocks when he came along) AND he takes after a different side of the family than all of his siblings (he's dark and short, they are tall and fair), so not only did he get "you were an accident" he also got jokes about being the mailman's kid. It's honestly a miracle he turned out so well -- although when he marvels at "how cool" my parents are sometimes for doing things that are normal family relationship things it breaks my heart a little.

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