By eringobragh on Judy Blume on Porn, Petting and Life Before the Pill

I always loved Just as Long as We're Together,think it was a Rachel Robinson spinoff?

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By fondue with cheddar on What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

Counting Crows, anyone? I never liked them, and my suitemate in college was named Maria so she played that one song ALL THE TIME. One time I went to a free outdoor Smithereens concert, which was awesome, but before the show they played that entire CC album and it was really hard to sit through.

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By Scandyhoovian on What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

I thought of yet another - I love Beyonce up and down all over all her albums, but I feel like someone's running a cheese grater up my spine whenever "If I Were a Boy" comes on.

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By cosmia on What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

Also, my one Hatesong is that stupid sad Snow Patrol song because it's just a terrible song and it reminds me of my quasi-stalker from the UK.

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By morose_delectation on What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

Oh, are we talking about stuff that is crappy but we like, or stuff we really just hate? I like a lot of crappy stuff but James Taylor makes me want to poke my eyes out. The aggressive mellowness!!! Needless to say, I had a college housemate who LOVED James Taylor. Particularly at about 7.30 AM.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Friday Open Thread

So, Hairpin. About 100 days ago, I donated some stem cells to my dad to combat his stage-4 lymphoma. Since then, we've just been waiting to see how things would go. Well, the 100 Day Later scans show no evidence of cancer in his marrow, nor in the rest of his body.

My dad is coming home cancer free.

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By meetapossum on Friday Open Thread

Guyyyyysss I went on a really good OKCupid date on Monday and we're going out again on Sunday and he identifies himself as a feminist! I am pretty happy.

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By melis on Did We Live Up To Our Yearbook Pages?

My senior quote was "Remember Bennifer? Man. Bennifer;" I was in no clubs and was voted nothing at all.

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By blushingflower on You're One in Eight Million

It is true that once you have friends it becomes easier to make more, at least in my experience.

What worked for me was finding something that was purely social, met every week, and was aimed at people my age who I knew I had something in common with. I'd done stuff that was aimed at young professionals before but they would be one-off meetings and so there wasn't an easy way to keep seeing the same people on a regular basis and getting to know them that way before trying to hang out. I would meet cool people and have fun but then I would never see those people again.

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By PatatasBravas on Here Is a Two-Headed Turtle Named Thelma and Louise

I have a cousin named Cooter, no joke.

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