Other Balls

Wrecking Balls. Cannonballs. What other balls? READ MORE

Soap Is the Devil

According to this Dove commercial, soap is your skin's worst enemy. But that's just the beginning.   READ MORE

More Lego Friend Scenarios

Lego introduced a new line specifically for girls, Lego Friends, last year. The line features a “Rehearsal Stage,” a “Summer Riding Camp,” and a “Cat’s Playground,” among other female-friendly scenarios, and no one actually thought it would sell. But last week, Lego announced that “Lego Friends had become the company’s fourth-bestselling line in only its first year (behind Star Wars, Ninjago, and Lego CITY, and surpassing superheroes), helping the company record the best financial results in its 81-year history.” Here are some ideas for future brand expansions.   READ MORE

Future Questions in Women's Advertising

"Want younger looking eyes?" asks a new Olay commercial for Regenerist Eye Serum. Wait, can eyes actually look old? According to Olay, they can. Some other questions sure to pop up in women's advertising soon: READ MORE

How to Talk to Women

Last week, at an annual issues conference in Virginia, House Republicans held a panel called “Successful Communication with Women and Minorities,” moderated by former 'Real World'-er Rachel Campos-Duffy. Here, a lady-script for both Democrats and Republicans. READ MORE

Save the Date*

*Disclaimer: This problem obviously pales in comparison to what others are dealing with, and is just an attempt to laugh at myself a little. READ MORE

20 Irrational But Nonetheless Persistent Beauty Fears I’ve Picked Up From My Time as a Female Human Being

If I forget to wear bronzer, I’ll look like Powder. READ MORE

The Best Time I ... Tried to Adopt a Cat

For many years, I’d wanted to get a cat. And for just as many years, my boyfriend had resisted. He claimed that cats were creepy, would poop in our house, would never really love us, and would rip up our furniture. Cats are not creepy and they do love you, I tried to tell him (I didn’t have much ground on the pooping and furniture-ruining points), but he wouldn’t budge, so I spent many nights watching Real Housewives alone, wishing I had a cat to keep me company. Sad me! No, it wasn’t that dramatic, I just wanted a cute cat to pet. READ MORE