On Summer of Pie

@theothercaity I'm not sure where I got this from in the first place, but it's the one in my recipe folder on my computer.

12.5 ounces all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon kosher salt
2 1/2 sticks (20 tablespoons) unsalted butter, cut into 1/4-inch pats
6 tablespoons freezer vodka
Combine 2/3rds of flour, sugar, and salt in the bowl of a food processor. Pulse twice to incorporate. Spread butter chunks evenly over surface. Pulse until no dry flour remains and dough just begins to collect in clumps, about 25 short pulses. Use a rubber spatula to spread the dough evenly around the bowl of the food processor. Sprinkle with remaining flour and pulse until dough is just barely broken up, about 5 short pulses. Transfer dough to a large bowl.
Sprinkle with vodka then using a rubber spatula, fold and press dough until it comes together into a ball. Divide ball in half. Form each half into a 4-inch disk. Wrap tightly in plastic and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before rolling and baking.

Also. Rolling is much easier if you have one of those mats with sizes (http://www.amazon.com/Norpro-Silicone-Pastry-Mat-Measures/dp/B00112499E) Although you can just turn over your pie pan to see if it's big enough.

Also in my experience a good stone wear pie pan (http://www.sears.com/haeger-naturalstone-deep-dish-pie-9-034-x2-034/p-00805506000P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1) will give you a more even crust. If you're going to prebake a crust pie weights are a must. (http://www.thekitchn.com/pie-weights-what-they-are-and-68946)

Finally for a two crust pie brushing the top with an egg white wash and sprinkling it with large crystal sugar makes things pretty and delicious.

I should mention that I'm an engineer who really likes to cook, so everything after the basic recipe is just extra stuff I picked up along the way.

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On Summer of Pie

@theothercaity I have a few pie recipes, some easier than others. Do you have a Cuisinart? It's not necessary but it makes things much easier.

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On "To Survive in Women’s Sports, You Need to Be Somewhat Closeted": An Interview With Kate Fagan

Huh, I played field hockey in college and had a totally different experience with people being in the closet or not. I didn't go to a christian school and I'm not christian but there were (and are, I still play for fun) plenty of out players, coaches, refs you name it. It just wasn't a big deal.

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On 18 Brides in a Year

No one should get married who doesn't want to but you can just skip all of this:

The language and semiotics of marriage are terrible: we’re still proposed to, our cervical fealty insured by a ring, our fathers give us away to our fuck buddies, we erase and replace our own names. The preferred aesthetic for "bride" is still very close to that of "princess," a role so passive and empty that there's not even anything there to subvert.

I did. (Mostly. I changed my last name, and my old last name is now my husband and I's middle name). Just skip what you don't like.

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On Get This Kay Jewelers Commercial Out My Face

@stroopwafel When I see a lady wearing that necklace (at least twice in my life) I get really sad for her. Like "oh shit dude your husband sucks"

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On Did We Buy Any Cool Stuff This Weekend?

Re: But I also think that the "We're Above This" anti-Black Friday attitude is more like "We're Above This in Terms of Our Income Level"

Why is that bad? I mean honestly. I might be a numbers dork but I think about how much time I need to spend to save X dollars and compare that to what I make at work and see it it's worth it. I mean not that what I make at work is exactly what my free time is worth but it's a number to work with.

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On Friday Open Thread

@celeec4@twitter It took over a month from when I complained the first time to when they got rid of him, and it was super mishandled (aka, he knew that I had talked to HR about him) so the last 6 weeks were nightmare fuel, but it's all worth it now.

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On Friday Open Thread

You guys. I had a super verbally abusive / gaslightly / manipulator boss for the last 6 months (he was new, I've been here for years) and I complained to HR AND NOW HE'S FIRED.

My life is suddenly 1000 times less stressful.

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On We Have At Least 8.8 Billion More Earth-Like Planets to Ruin

@stuffisthings I'm still not going to give up coffee or beer.

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On We Have At Least 8.8 Billion More Earth-Like Planets to Ruin

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose How about "There are billions of other planets, why was evil boss born on this one?"

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