On Wikipedia Lists of Women, Ranked

@j-i-a oh my goodness I didn't even think about male nurses, I'll just turn myself in to Man Jail now.

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On Wikipedia Lists of Women, Ranked

Glad to see "list of fictional robots and cyborgs" but sad that "list of fictional nurses" didn't make it. Maybe next year.

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On Ending the Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Myth

@chickpeas akimbo So you think the founder and supervising attorney of the Trafficking Victims Advocacy Project at the Legal Aid Society may be peddling misleading statistics? To what end?

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On Here Is Lorde's Birth Certificate

@stuffisthings by the way, I notice that so-called "birth certificate" doesn't say anything about BENGHAZI. What is Lorde hiding???

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On Here Is Lorde's Birth Certificate

Ah yes, the time-honored tactic of producing a birth certificate. That always shuts down birthers.

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On Mindy Kaling's College Comic Strip

All my college newspaper writing went down the memory hole when they redesigned the website the year after I left. Maybe I dodged a bullet, but I'd actually quite like to have some of those articles now.

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On My Beauty Regimen

@dracula's ghost She's got a LOT of money -- who says her bathroom cabinet doesn't have its own garden shed?

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On My Beauty Regimen

@lemonadefish you have to use nacho cheese, or sweet iced tea if you're south of the Mason-Dixon.

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On Interview with Susan Murphy, Genius Grant-Winning Statistician

I had never thought about minorities being attracted to quantitative fields, but now it makes sense! This helps to explain the many women involved in early computing, most of whom had come from a pure math background. I bet they also saw computers as one of those fields where you could "prove" you worth, before computers become a big-money industry and they got pushed out by tech bros.

I wonder if this also explains why many stigmatized groups (Jews, certain immigrant communities) stereotypically push their kids towards the licensed professions: the idea that once you have that credential, no one can take away your social status and ability to make a good living?

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On What I've Learned From My Side Job Critiquing Dick Pics

@ba-na-nas read this as "for sale," it was better that way.

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