On Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

@up cubed that's what I mean -- people who think just mixing up some genes will somehow end racism (or the concept of race) are deluded.

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On Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

It's cute that anyone thinks they're not already "mixed race."

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On Did You Bring Your Dick to the Table?

Just what we need at every business meeting, more dicks at the table.

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On Who Will Join Me at Red Robin for a Wineshake

@j-i-a Also one of the ONLY PLACES in many towns.

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On A Conversation with Jamelle Bouie

Man, everyone knows everyone, huh?

I know this is creepy but Jamelle is definitely one of those DC internet folks I'd love to run into in a bar sometime. (I'm terrible at recognizing people, so he need not worry.)

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On Why We Are Tired This Morning

"You Won't Believe What the Average Temperature in Philadelphia Was For Each Of The Last 10 Years"

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On Now You've Really Done It, Sochi

Guy spends like eight billion dollars on figure skating and the gays are still mad at him. I guess you just can't win.

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On Wikipedia Lists of Women, Ranked

@j-i-a oh my goodness I didn't even think about male nurses, I'll just turn myself in to Man Jail now.

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On Wikipedia Lists of Women, Ranked

Glad to see "list of fictional robots and cyborgs" but sad that "list of fictional nurses" didn't make it. Maybe next year.

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On Ending the Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Myth

@chickpeas akimbo So you think the founder and supervising attorney of the Trafficking Victims Advocacy Project at the Legal Aid Society may be peddling misleading statistics? To what end?

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