By evil melis on Your Next Billion Dollars

@mayonegg MALORT

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By evil melis on "...I was trying to move these huge, big luggages all by myself..."

"I’d come to his place, he would cook me a steak with blue cheese on top, and then we’d have anal sex."

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By HMSBeagle on Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

Maybelline's Full'N'Soft is so good for blondes. The day that I bought it changed my mascara-applying life.

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By cmchammer on Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

I know this has been mentioned on the Hairpin before--actually, I think that's where I found out about it--but MONISTAT CHAFING GEL. Use it instead of Urban Decay primer. Save all the moneys. I suppose I should add a disclaimer that 1. I've never actually used Urban Decay and 2. I use my gel under concealer or foundation, rather than on my eyes. But I've heard people recommend it for eyeshadow as well. Perhaps the rest of the commentariat can speak to this?

The anti-chafing gel definitely works for me. Though the best part is definitely being able to say to my boyfriend, sister, friends, and strangers on the street that "I have vagina cream on my face!"

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By Mariajoseh on Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

"That is why we start friendships with people, so we can stop imagining everything that's wrong with them and find out what's REALLY wrong with them, which is always so much jucier" JANEEEE <3

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By Nicole Cliffe on Memories of Austen and "Pride and Prejudice"

But, did you care for Bath, is the question? Did you find it DIVERTING?

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By Norrey on Last Night's 'Downton'

The best moments of this episode, numbered for convenience.
1-5: Maggie Smith walking through the hall, struggling to keep going as she breaks down.
6: Lady Mary telling Edith "Bitch, don't be crazy, of course we can't be friends."
7: Cora's response to Robert, which can be summed up as "I'm so done with you, and I fucking dare you to come at me about it."

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By wallsdonotfall on What You've Named Your Outlets For Maternal Feelings

@queenofbithynia Is Eliza a white cat? For years and years, I have wanted a fluffy white cat named Eliza and a sleek tortoiseshell named Ophelia. I don't remember why anymore, but I suspect it may have been from Patricia C Wrede's Enchanted Forest books.

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By SarcasticFringehead on What You've Named Your Outlets For Maternal Feelings

@Tragically Ludicrous And Emmanuelle's user name strikes again: I thought the dog's name was Cunt Slivovitz.

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By par_parenthese on We Would Watch a Wolverine/Catwoman Crossover

@rayray I loved it. No shame. I've had a good bit of musical training, was fully aware of the weaknesses of some of the performances, blah blah blah, but Realtalk: I loved every second. I loved the ABC guys especially (Marius's friends), and ESPECIALLY ENJOLRAS at whom I swooned continuously whenever he was on screen GOOD GOD.

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