On Famous People It Took Me Way Too Long To Realize Are Not the Same Person

Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

LW5 - Maybe I am just a jerk, but I kind of don't care about the girlfriend? It sounds like he doesn't care much about her, and they probably will/should break up anyways. However, I still think that getting together with him is a bad idea.

Unless I'm misunderstanding, it sounds like you currently only live an hour away from him? If he was ACTUALLY interested in you, he would have come to visit you by now. It sounds to me like he likes having an online relationship with you, and it's probably best for everyone involved that you leave it that way until y'all get bored of each other.

(Also he should break up with his girlfriend regardless of whatever else happens.)

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On Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

Am I missing something about LW2? She seems to say she met dude a year ago, they dated for 6 weeks and then broke up. I was kind of assuming she'd be like "And now he contacted me again." or something, but it doesn't say that...

She says at first she thought his breakup line might have been a cop out. But now she thinks it wasn't. Why? Because she "had to".

She's already given it ALMOST A YEAR. And now she's wondering if she should give it another 6 months? So she can go back to having terrible sex with him?


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On Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

Fair warning! It depends on the airline n stuff, but sometimes you can't use the vouchers to pay for the taxes on the ticket. Which for an international flight can be hundreds of dollars.

So obv, getting to fly internationally for that cheap is great! Unless you don't have that money to spend. In which case you're stuck with vouchers (that typically have an expiration date) that you can't use.

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On HBO Yes, Todd Akin No

I am interested in hearing what he thinks the difference is between Emergency Contraception (which he is also against), and these magical "certain secretions".

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Iceland

WAS THE PINK STUFF QREAM?! I hope it was Qream.

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On Bad Irene "Jokes"


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On Bad Irene "Jokes"

@kayjay What do you call an Asian woman with one leg? #HILARIOUSRACISM

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On Your Guide to Disappointing Lesbian Cinema

YES. I was really hoping that the bad one was going to be Kissing Jessica Stein. Aside from the "it was just a phase" thing, it is just totally fucking BORING and the ONLY "interesting" thing about the story is that they happen to both be girls.

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On Totally Unsolicited Product Endorsement

OH MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I just made that typo twice in a row. I'm leaving it.) I lovvvvvvvvve this stuff!!! Lovelovelovelovelove. It is the best. Love.

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