On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

What I find completely perplexing about this entire debate is the assumption that books marketed for adults are automatically complex and challenging. There is a huge difference between reading a book by, say, Margaret Atwood or Christopher Moore (just to pick two writers at random with very different styles). They're both "adult" writers, I would argue one is generally more challenging to read than the other. I would argue there's a comparable difference between YA books written by Rainbow Rowell and Meg Chabot. What Graham doesn't seem to understand is that books that fall under the banner of "YA" are hugely diverse. YA is not a genre in and of itself, it's a marketing demographic and to assume that all YA literature is fluff is lazy thinking. It's just as absurd as (for example) picking a James Patterson book at random and saying that his style and quality of writing is representative of all adult literature as a whole.

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On Here's the First Trailer for The Giver

I'm so not okay with the movie being in color from the beginning. I know it was a big reveal in the book, maybe they don't want people to realize that something is capital-W Wrong from the beginning, but I think it takes away from the image I have of the book from my mind. Not that films should be made to suit me, but the lack of color and music are key plot points. (Also, nitpick, but those kids are NOT 11.)

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As a librarian, I can't officially condone taking library property to the beach (SAND! SAND BETWEEN THE PAGES! OH THE HUMANITY!) but that said, The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls by Anton DiSclafani looks like a good choice.

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On This Summer: Stop Buying $5 Iced Coffees

Add me to the list of true cold brew believers. I made one batch last night and it's sitting in a plastic cup in my office, being leisurely sipped. I've got another batch chilling in the fridge right now (my French Press has a three cup max, so it's MINE, ALL MINE!)

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On Daisy, You're a Drip, Dear: Detestable Literary Characters Who Are Not Technically Villains

@Don'tcallmeJenny Agreed, except, I think it's also supposed show how alluring that lifestyle can be. One of my main complaints with the Luhrmann film (one of MANY) is the fact that Nick seems enchanted by the whole thing - or that might have been Toby Maguire's perpetually upturned, shining face.

In the book, Nick Carraway is just as big an asshole as everyone else. Sure, he can step back a little bit and realize that they're all slightly delusional, but that doesn't stop him from going to parties with his rich friends and drinking their champagne. And it's all very well to stand on the sidelines and analyze how vapid they all are, how shallow their lives are, but think about it - if you had the chance to go to one of Gatsby's parties, fully aware of how manic this age is, how most of the partygoers are actually trying to escape their lives with their problems and WWI-induced PTSD, would you still want to go? Because I totally would, I don't think that wanting to have a crazy night out where you drink too much and spend too much money on empty entertainment is a bad thing in and of itself, you just need to have plans for what to do when the music stops.

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On Your Friday Book-y Post

Anyone else reading Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald? I'm finding it slightly 'meh,' but they haven't gotten to New York yet, I'm assuming it picks up from there.

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On Your Friday Book-y Post

@Elsajeni Literally JUST started reading A Game of Thrones last week after specifically putting the series off because I knew I'd become obsessed. And I'm determined NOT to watch the show before I've read all the books - though I have looked at enough gifsets to know who the actors/characters are which helps me keep all the names straight.

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On Your Friday Book-y Post

@cosmia Jumping in to ask - as someone who's never successfully read Margaret Atwood and subsequently feels like a Bad Feminist Literature Geek, does anyone have a recommendation for where to start?

Preferably not The Handmaid's Tale because that was the book I tried reading and I could NOT get into it. I read 20 pages before I quit, I usually try to get to 60, but I found it excruciating.

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On Things Eva Braun’s Best Friend Said When Hitler First Asked Her Out (Plus One Thing Eva Braun’s Best Friend Said After She Started Dating Hitler)

@The Attic Wife For me it was 'Ja, but sex isn't everything!'

Did anyone else watch the Hitler Home Movies when they were on the History Channel? Oh god, did I just admit to watching Hitler's home movies? Did I just admit to watching the History Channel?

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On Things Eva Braun’s Best Friend Said When Hitler First Asked Her Out (Plus One Thing Eva Braun’s Best Friend Said After She Started Dating Hitler)

...actually, I found this really, really funny. Anyone else?

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