By Reginal T. Squirge on Takeoff omg

If it were really that important, wouldn't they have a better system for making sure you phone is off than the old parental standby of "I better not catch you with that phone on!"?

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By HeyMatilda on Crushes on Professors and "How Can I Tell If I'm Boring?"

LW2-be my friend. I can't help but feel boring too and I don't do half the amount of things you do! I've always sort of felt like my interests were not inside the realm of my peers and now that I'm at a job I don't like, the pressure to seem exciting to outsiders in order to gain friends only increases.

I agree with a Lady in that you should definitely try to be more introspective and give yourself more credit but I 100% understand that's easier to say than do.

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By v=ir on Solange Knowles, "Losing You"

I have a problem with celebrities/models in designer clothes using poverty as a backdrop.

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By emilies on Solange Knowles, "Losing You"

I'll take one of every outfit. Please and thanks.

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By emilies on Jealousy Mutations and the 2.5 Days Game

@hotdog I agree that she needs a lot more response, but I don't think it should have come from A Lady. Advice columns a for entertainment first and foremost (I'd insert a link to that interview with all the best advice columns that came out a few months ago...but I'm feeling lazy). But LW is suicidal. I think the best course of action was to direct her to therapy, pronto, and not try to hash that very serious ish out for all the internet to see.

Don't get me wrong, I LIVE for Ask A... but I think in this case, this is too serious for non-professionals to deal with.

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