On "Men In Cat T-Shirts," to the Tune of "Nights in White Satin"

I can't stop laughing at this.

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On Living Alone in Indonesia

Thank you so much for this! My father is Indonesian and my mother is white. I look mixed, but more Indonesian. I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago with my little blond haired hazel eyed daughter in two (funny enough, my daughter looks just like my mom, fair and "American"). They absolutely delighted in her and me, looking so much like them but this very American voice flying out of my mouth. It is a wonderful country to visit and was so tickled to see this post!

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On An Interview With My Mom

This was so lovely and it made me love you even more. Your mom seems like a wonderfully supportive person. I hope my own daughter and I have an easiness like this when she is a grown up. Brava Edith!

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On What to Do With This Story?

Nicole thank you so much for putting this up on the site. So many good conversations we are having about this.

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On A Pie for the Clumsy

@Anna Jayne@twitter Why is that song so exciting? It makes me want to fist pump.

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On How to Make Albino Black Widow Spider Deviled Eggs

I am having a small low key gathering for my little ones friends. Imagine their tiny screams at the idea of not the spiders, but the EGGS. I can see my daughter totally rinsing me over these.

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On It's a Fair Cop

@frigwiggin Wow. That is a very moving and sad story. I hope you are ok.

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On Friday Open Thread

@khaleesi Welcome to NYC neighbor! Not sure about the increase in appetite, but the fall weather definitely increases my appetite. Also, there are yummy things to eat every few feet so that doesn't help either :)

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On 309 Days of Unanswered Texts

@Emmanuelle Cunt I know I have the sads now for her. It must be very hard being inside of her head.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Jumping the Gun on Halloween

The owl's expression looks like my usual scowl.

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