On Ask a Jeweler: Shady Platinum, Sizing Up Your Rings, and the Case For Sapphires

@iceberg I'm getting married in September, and my engagement ring will be my wedding ring too. I just can't justify two rings when there are so many plane tickets to be had. My ring is an art deco antique ring that I got from Gilt in Portland. It's white gold filigree, which means it's super light and kind of small, and the diamond (which I felt fine about, because it's an antique and my money went to local shopkeepers and not child slavery) is small and unobtrusive.

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On Friday Open Thread

@BattyRabbit Oh yeah, and I should mention that after I treated it with something expensive and topical, it never came back and eventually just... flew away? On a pegasus? At least that's how I imagine it happened.

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On Friday Open Thread

@polka dots vs stripes I am getting married in September, and I'm making my dress and all of my bmaid dresses because I'm insane.

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On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison I am making a slut shirt for the occasion and everything

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On Friday Open Thread

@par_parenthese You know? That could be it. I don't get periods anymore because there's a fork in my uterus, but all that means is that every hormone cycle catches me completely off guard. Thanks!

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On Friday Open Thread

@BattyRabbit OOOOooooh balls. If it makes you feel better, (and it did for me) almost literally everyone has HPV, because condoms don't stop it.

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On Friday Open Thread

Other people with Clinical Depression or Bipolar II- Do you lose your fine motor skills when you're in a brain chemistry-induced pit of misery? I can't hold objects in my hands. I was under the impression that that's what hands are for. I drop everything and walk into furniture and elbow Mr. Pajamas in the face and it took me three tries to get the dog leash clipped on. This has been happening for as long as I've had depressive episodes (so, basically my entire life) but I've never heard anyone talk about it as a symptom. Am I extra broken?

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On Friday Open Thread

@lasso tabasco Burbon, fresh grapefruit juice, honey, shaken.

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On How to Fail for a Month, Year, or Decade and Be Okay

@MayaPB Does your industry have any sort of networking events with booze? That's how Mr. Pajamas got his developer job and how I found a writers' community. Go to the things. Even if you just smile alone in the corner, it's good practice. But be strategic, you know? If you're a writer, go to readings of authors like you, because they will draw other authors like you, and then your social capital will be worth more.

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On Things the Internet Tells Me to Do That I Will Not Be Doing

@Lucienne lemon ricotta pancakes.

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