On Friday Open Thread

@weebleswobble Will do! It's hardly the first time I've had to go home to unpleasant interactions with my parents -- I've been near-tears going home from college since my freshman year. (Our relationship has been worse than it is now. That does not mean it is pleasant now.)

I am thinking The Hour? I also have Treme and Boardwalk Empire downloaded.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Hellcat if I don't go, they stop paying my school tuition. Since I'm under 24, their income affects my FAFSA, and I can't get aid from my school. They also control my health insurance. So, no, not really?

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On Friday Open Thread

This is not even comparable to the amount of sad in the news right now, but - I have to go home to borderline-abusive parents for three weeks, and I leave Sunday. D:

I don't have a support network where my parents live, and my friends and boyfriend will be thousands of miles (specifically 3,000 miles) away. When I was last at home (in September), I was basically not allowed outside of the house without parental supervision. I am, for the record, 22, and mostly live alone.

I don't know, I am just sad?

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On Friday Open Thread

@PatatasBravas I have Cipro. I have been on Cipro for four months. Also azithromyacin. Magical drug-resistant UTI would be... irritating.

(Also, my OB/GYN is Planned Parenthood, and it takes like four hours to see a doctor, which I would like to avoid if possible.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@professionalmess I'm a student, and my parents pay tuition/board, so if all else fails, I still have food/a place to sleep/a phone. However, my bank account needs to last until the next time I earn money (next summer), and I've spent ~1/3 of it (and it's not yet the end of our first trimester). BUT. I am planning on being a TA third term, so maybe I will have more money sonner?

Shoes: http://us.asos.com/ASOS-SKYE-Mid-Height-Wedges/xpi2e/?iid=1930509&cid=1931&sh=0&pge=2&pgesize=20&sort=3&clr=Navy%2fwhite+stripe&mporgp=L0FTT1MvQVNPUy1TS1lFLU1pZC1IZWlnaHQtV2VkZ2VzL1Byb2Qv

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On Friday Open Thread

Should I buy shoes? On one hand, I've been trying to be more femme, and shoes are helpful for that (and they're on sale); on the other hand, I am really broke.

[stares at shoes more]

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On Friday Open Thread

How do I tell if I have a UTI or a yeast infection? I'm already on (unrelated) antibiotics, so a UTI will probably go away on its own? Unless it's a drug-resistant UTI, which seems unpleasant. Yeast would make more sense, but also my main symptom is always having to pee + burning when I pee, so...

Help me, Hairpin readers; you're my only hope.

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On Secondary Relationships, Tequila Fumes, and the Lesbian Internet

@kimkrypto This this this.

(I, like LW2, are bisexual with my first-and-only partner, who is also male. STILL BI.)

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On Friday Open Thread

I hate missing Friday Open Thread, because class + teaching + West Coast. [sulks a bit]

Anyway! I need someone to Talk About My Feelings with. I have lots of feelings, and I am best at processing by talking to people, but due to life circumstances, I've grown distant from many of my friends that also like to talk about feelings. I have many wonderful friends, but they're not the kind of people I can have ~FEELINGS~ at. And it's not like my lack of gossip-y friends is really hurting my life, but it would be nice to be able to process things a bit faster, and not end up going round and round in my head. But I don't know how to find people that want to listen to me Talk About My Feelings, and it takes me years for me to trust people enough to tell them things, so.

... I'm not sure what the point of posting this to FOT was, besides that I wanted to Talk About My Feelings.

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On Friday Open Thread

It has been A Week. I intend to curl up with my copy of Joseph Anton and a beer this evening, and deal with midterms tomorrow. Anyone doing the same with their exciting Friday night?

ETA: oh, and get my boyfriend to give me a back massage. yyyy.

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