On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

@sevanetta Thank you. One day when I'm out of the dark, and healed, ill submit the whole damn story to the pin for everyone's amusement. The strange thing with a broken engagement is that people don't talk about it. It's bigger than your average relationship end, but all people can say is "at least it happened now" - as if that is a comfort. It's incredibly bizarre.

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On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

#1: GO. Get out now. Please. DO it for yourself. I'm 30, just got dumped out of nowhere (with no reasons or explanations) from my wonderful, amazing and supportive fiance. He has a history of depression and thought he was "fixed"- now we both know he's not, and instead of taking initiative to help himself, he's pushed me and our life we spent years building, away. You have no idea the heartbreak, confusion and pain it's caused - not only to us, but to our families as well. You're young, you're not jaded, and you've got a lot of life to live. Get out now.

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On The Wedding Photographer

My fiance abruptly left 4 weeks ago .. since then, i've avoided all things wedding related like the plague. However, this is the first thing i've been able to read, because, unlike everything force fed to engaged ladies, this is REAL. So, thank you for that.

Also: Anyone know what to do with an engagement ring/wedding "stuff"? I'd sooner vomit on a crowded subway than deal with any of the weddingy websites...

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On Friday Open Thread

Since I know you bitches just got paid....

Every one of you ladies needs to go get this dress:


It's so ridiculously cheap and super flattering. The material is really heavy, and it is surprisingly well-made for Old Navy. Aaaaah, I love it. Buy it.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Jumping the Gun on Halloween

@charmcity Brooklyn Beer Shop makes some awesome, and cheap brew-your-own kits!

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Not a DNC Edition, But...

Oh, shit. That cake topper store is AWESOME.

I really want the stallion/bride one ... for my wedding to a straight up Brooklyn Italian guy with possible mafia connections. Do you think people will get it, or will I get offed during my first dance?

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On Fictional Establishments We Would Like to Open One Day

I always thought "the Wet Spot" would be the best name for a shitty, cheap college bar ever

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Eat With Your Allowance This Week

I can not tell you enough how DAMN GOOD that knife is! It holds its own with my $200+ fancy japanese knives. I work in housewares/cooking gear and that knife, ladies, is the shit. DO IT.

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On The $625 Apartment

My fiancee and I split a $1800 a month two bedroom in Brooklyn. All utilities are included, down to cable and internet, and it comes with its very own parking spot. We've got a front porch, backyard, dishwasher and a brand new kitchen. Seriously - it's HUGE and new. I love it. I'm never leaving.

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On How to Know If You're Having the Same Wedding as Everyone Else on Pinterest

@teenie Wow! Easy, killer! You totally took it the wrong way, but it's all good because I get stabby and shitty to people too. I think we all do.

This got crazy, as I got swamped yesterday at work! Sorry for jumping ship! I meant "fuck wedding planning" because, well, it sucks, even when you're planning the most anti-wedding wedding ever. And "dying" because these wedding posts are so damn funny and they have been saving me from wedding shit show planning hell.

Thanks for the info about the google thingy - and if anyone has any good venues in Brooklyn , let a girl know. Ready to jump off the Verrazano.

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