Do the Irish bottle their emotions?

If you've ever wondered "does Michelle get really nervous and laugh awkwardly around super tall hunky Irish dudes?"  you may want to watch me interview some young (and old!) Irish men about St. Patrick's Day.

Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day everyone! What is Pi Day? Well it was a day first invented by seventh grade math teachers in order to use the phrase, "See? Math can be fun!" As everyone remembers (and didn't just google) "Pi is defined as the distance around a perfect circle, or the circumference, divided by the distance across it, or the diameter." It is also known as the number beginning with 3.141592653...etc for the rest of time. Since today is 3/14, it is a day we typically celebrate by eating pie and also gleaning information about what people were like during their formative years by how into Pi Day they are now! [via CNN]

Native Ad Makes America Horny/Resentful

Remember that time this week when 46 million of us watched that video where strangers make out in black and white to that song we googled after?

It was all so pure until we found out it was just an ad for the clothing company Wren, which made us feel cynical that somehow the innocence of two strangers meeting in a studio at nine in the morning while a director told them to "just start kissing in front of this camera!" had been compromised. John Koblin explains how the video came to be in "A Kiss is Just a Kiss, Unless It's an Ad for a Clothing Company" in the New York Times:


Whiskey Sunday, "What's Left of the Flag"

Happy almost-weekend-before St. Patrick's Day! Here's the LA band Whiskey Sunday performing Flogging Molly's "What's Left of the Flag." READ MORE

George Clooney Based Gym Fantasy

George Clooney: Excuse me, do we know each other? You look very familiar. READ MORE

Seamless and Netflix Are Killing You Says New Article

I've written before about probable upcoming female-centric trend pieces and there's a new one out today! I'll save you from reading the article, but it's very sweet and helpful and entitled "8 Reasons Why New York Women Can't Get A Husband" and it's advice from your great-aunt that Princeton mom Susan Patton's new book Marry Smart. It gives helpful advice no one's ever said before like women should wear make up and not ignore their biological clock!  But then she said something that negates her entire premise: READ MORE

Beck, "Say Goodbye"

Apparently NOT AGING AT ALL is WHERE IT'S AT. Here's Beck playing "Say Goodbye" off his new (verrrry chill) album Morning Phase on The Tonight Show last night. Seriously, is it that he moisturizes? Is that it? Or is he just wearing some very fitted tweed and it makes him look younger? Does tweed do that? In any case, great job barely aging Beck. READ MORE

What Tinder Messages Mean


Them: Hey! [Just sat down on the toilet!!]

You: Hi :) [I'm kinda bored at work!!]

Them: Cute pics lol [Care to bone?]

You:                             [No thanks!]


Them: Wow we both like Seamless/Obama/Chipotle! [Why is it so difficult to connect with another human being?]

You: HAHA/Amazing/LOL! [I know, it's like, we're all so in touch all the time and yet more alone than ever, right?]


Them: How's your day going? [don't mind me, just laying some groundwork...]

You: Busy, but productive!  [I have like nine gchat conversations open right now]

Them: Nice! So...would you say you're...open-minded? ;) [Would it be cool if I potentially do weird sex things to you?]

You:                                                                                             [Soft pass!]



What My Mom Wishes I Was Blogging About

My Mom: Hi! I have some ideas about what you should blog about! READ MORE

The Second Greatest Video of All Time

I have only so many posts left this week, and I'd be remiss if I didn't get this in at the halfway point. I don't know how you all are feeling today, but you may want to watch the above clip right now. Is there anything in adult life that feels as sweet as when Jordan Catalano (in a Claire's choker to boot!) grabbed Angela Chase's hand in the hallway after he asked if they could "go somewhere" (i.e. MAKE OUT CITY. HQ: The Boiler Room)?