Amy Poehler on Love

Is anyone else dying to see Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd in the romcom parody They Came Together? I can't stop reading interviews with them. [Vulture: "Which romantic comedies have you watched the most?"/ Amy Poehler: "Does Vacation count at a romantic comedy?"] In honor of our steadfast love for Amy Poehler, check out her classic advice on love itself:

Armpit Hair?

Armpit hair signals sex because it grows during puberty and is one of the first signs of maturity (and fertility). And it signals sex because it transmits the scents that lead to mating. It triggers disgust because it reminds humans how dangerous sex can be. And that’s why we shave it off. Because armpit hair betrays the western fantasy about sex, which is that sex is fun, pleasurable, innocent, and inconsequential, a fantasy that elides the evolutionary truth. The revulsion at armpit hair might be evolution’s way of saying "proceed with caution," and its removal one less barrier to cross.

Why Are We Grossed Out By Women With Armpit Hair"  by Lisa Miller. This is a really interesting read on the evolution of our relationship with body hair, and specifically, our visceral reaction to armpit hair. [Science of Us]

The Daily Show on Sexual Assault

Pippa Middleton Speaks!

Pippa Middleton gave her first on-screen interview to Matt Lauer which will air on Today this Monday and Tuesday. It appears they did the interview sitting outside which I hope means we get to enjoy Matt Lauer's signature, throw caution to the air sockless look. (Anyone else? No?) READ MORE

Raekwon, "Stop Tripping"

Happy Friday morning!  Fine, I guess we'll start things off with a slow jam from Wu Tang Clan member Raekwon. Here's his second track from his "Throwback Thursday" project called "Stop Tripping." [Vibe]

It Wasn't Over, It Still Isn't Over

Today is the tenth anniversary of The Notebook, and I'd like to take us all back to the mid-aughts for a moment. It was a dark time; George Bush was President, and trucker hats were having a moment. Then on June 26, 2004, Nicholas Sparks, Nick Cassavetes, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Gena Rowlands, James Garner, and of course E from Entourage teamed up to tell the greatest, most powerful love story ever told. READ MORE

Luftballons/Red Balloons, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

In honor of the US-Germany game today, here is the classic Dev cover of "99 Red Balloons" to get us all in the mood. [via Popcrush]

Rachel McAdams' Audition for The Notebook

In honor of today being the tenth anniversary of the release of The Notebook, here is Rachel McAdams' audition tape. Put the headphones in. Think about where you were when The Notebook came out. Just feel it all. [via CBS News] [YouTube]

Falling in Love with an Asexual

In retrospect, I’ve tried to look for signs of the revelation that was to come. Was he romantically attracted to me? Definitely. Was he sexually attracted to me? I thought so. When he said he wanted to wait to have sex, should I have been more suspicious? I still don’t know.

Hairpin pal Leigh Stein wrote a beautiful piece for xoJane on falling in love with an asexual man. [xoJane]

Sia, "Big Girls Cry"

Happy Thursday! Australian singer Sia has a new song out, "Big Girls Cry." It's about being tough and strong but also emotionally vulnerable, and remembering it's ok to cry, especially when your heart is breaking! [via Slate]