On Thrashin' Fashion: A Lover of Weirdos

Can we please get a "The Best Time Chris Kraus Made Me Cry" ASAP?

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On It Was Really Lovely Meeting You

Thanks for that. My travel romance turned cross-continental move and long term relationship is coming to an end because we decided not to get a civil union in order to get a visa. This is comforting, knowing that you can end things and be patient and move forward just fine. I hope you had a wonderful stay in Australia and that everything goes well for you.

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On False Dichotomy vs Who Cares

False Dichotomy vs. Who Cares is so relevant to the daily bullshit of my life. I'm etching it into the insides of my eyelids just as a general reminder. Thanks for hitting the nail directly on the head yet again.

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On False Dichotomy vs Who Cares

@Lily Rowan I was a tween about the same time 3LW was cranking out such hits as "Playas Gon Play" and "Baby Ima Do It Right". They were a Disney thing, or former Disney kids, or something. One of them dated that horrible Kardashian brother (not one of the Jenners, the one with the fancy sock line).

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On Ask a Clean Person About Her New Book: A Conversation With Jolie Kerr

Jolie, I think of you every time I hand wash my bras and practice saying "braws" in my head. So happy to hear from you here, and I will be checking out the Deadspin columns ASAP!

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On Weapons

Jesus christ, I am so happy to live in a city where is is 100% normal and standard to have bars on your windows and doors.

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On How to Enjoy the Airport This Holiday Travel Season

I'm so thrilled you mentioned the recombobulation area at Mitchell International Airpot in Milwaukee! It's my home base. On a recent long wait for a flight, I perused the Mitchell Aviation Museum, which is really just a small room in C concourse. It showcases memorabilia of significant Wisconsin pilots, including Major Dick Bong, after whom the snigger-inducing Bong Recreation Center off of I-94 is named.

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On The Returned Is the Best Show on Television


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On Get This Kay Jewelers Commercial Out My Face

What would Sarah Haskins say?

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On The "We Fought About" Couple Talks Trolling, Going Viral, and What It's Like When Internet Strangers Tell You to Break Up

Oof, all that jealousy stuff really makes me cringe. It takes me back to a shitty place. I'm so so so glad I don't have fights with my partner over exes and random lady friends now that I've learned to deal with my jealousy constructively.

Also, yes, this relationship does look terrible in light of all these fights, but I also feel like we would all look equally as terrible, and are certainly not all terrible.

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