On Friday Open Thread

I had an interview today. The best thing to come out of it was that my interview clothes still (barely) fit and that I didn't cry. So that's...done. Can I start drinking yet?

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On The Middle Part Is Having Its Moment, Again, Somehow

Well, I've been rocking the middle part ever since my hairstylist heard "side-swept bangs" and interpreted it to mean "symmetrical chin-length layers" (???), so hopefully I count as "an adult woman pulling it off in 2013?" Maybe? At least wearing it, whether or not I pull it off. I'm sure there are ways to sophisticatedly style my hair, but I have never bothered to learn. Thank you Haim for giving me an excuse for my total hair laziness!

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On Half of Accidental Child Gun Deaths Go Uncounted

I've been playing a game for the past year or so with a group of people who primarily live in the Southern and/or more rural parts of the U.S. They are lovely people, but if the topic of conversation ever comes around to guns/gun control, I know I just have to leave for a while until hopefully they've moved on. But a while back one of them shared a "funny story" that had happened to her earlier that day: her husband had left one of their guns loaded and lying around on the table, oopsie!, and her daughter found it! One of our few British members was horrified that this woman's family would be so careless with their guns when there are children in the house. But it was all okay, see, because her daughter has been taught to "respect guns." I only saw this conversation after the fact or I would have said something too, despite my conflict-avoidant tendencies, because I do fear for the children in that house. And I cannot even fathom the thought processes that would make it okay in someone's mind to give a THREE-YEAR-OLD a firearm.

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On What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@Mariajoseh yeah, I stuck up for the TV-mounting post as a "slice of life" thing but this one makes me look and feel a bit silly for doing so. Because a pattern is being established and it's not one that paints women in a good light.

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On How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

@H.E. Ladypants I considered doing an exhaustive point-by-point breakdown of why these things that other people were finding to be sexist felt relatable to me, but that made for a very long comment, so I edited it down. Perhaps I shouldn't have. As Diaphanous Gown and Urwelt said...not everyone has handy lady friends. I don't. Since there is not much cultural encouragement for women to develop these kinds of skills, I suspect that it's a fairly common situation. (For the record, I definitely wish it wasn't! Keep rocking it, tool-wielding ladies!) And given that she knows her friends and their skills, I didn't feel that she was making any unnecessary assumptions about gender as it relates to capability.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy Obviously all my "I'm so over the Chiefs, I can't be hurt by them anymore" posturing was total BS and I am just as much of a sucker as ever...because 1 good win (against the woeful Jaguars no less) and I'm going crazy. I will be sad and disappointed if we do not beat the Cowboys on Sunday. Hope is a helluva drug.

Stanford has probably its easiest game/most guaranteed win of the season this week. It is nice to not be nervous. It is less nice to have to wake up for a 9 am PST game on a Saturday, but oh, the sacrifices I make for football ;)

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On How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

Welp, this walking stereotype loved it. LOVED it. This felt like it could have been downloaded directly from my brain, I share so many of the same thought processes, impulses, and flaws that this author describes. (That bit about money not feeling real!) Right now, I could scrounge up a couple of male friends devoid of awkward history...but in the tiny and screwed-up social circles I have found myself a part of over the years, that has not always been the case, so even that didn't feel unrealistic or unnecessarily sexist to me. The title does have an air of assumed universality that it is fair to push back on, but on the whole I think this piece was waaaaay more about sharing her personal experiences in the spirit of self-deprecation than making some kind of general statement about the "uselessness" of women, or what have you.

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On Ask a Glutton: When Your Food Groups Are Cheese, Chocolate, and Coffee

@katiechasm You do realize that "tomato candy" was not a literal term? The dish is roasted cherry tomatoes, the not-actually-candylike sweetness of which was being emphasized when she called them "tomato candy." You may not find that an appetizing description (I don't really want tomato in my candy either) but it was a description only, not the actual recipe.

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On Mary Gaitskill Is Not a Fan of Gone Girl

@Lurkasaurus My point being that I did sense an implicit approval of diary!Amy's world view, because that was what was presented to us to make us sympathize with her before the big reveal. And I haaaated it as much as Gaitskill does, although not thought out as consciously or critically.

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On Mary Gaitskill Is Not a Fan of Gone Girl

I don't know, I think I can see where Gaitskill is coming from somewhat. The diary is Amy's attempt to be sympathetic, and it seemed to me like we really were supposed to find her sympathetic as we read it through, and then be shocked!!! by the twist!!! that it was all a lie and actually she's a terrible person. I mean, I am not a particularly perceptive reader, so the sociopath part of the twist did get me, but I thought diary!Amy was completely insufferable. Unbearably cutesy-snarky and judgmental.

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