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@steponitvelma I paid for COBRA last year and it was $900 a month. I think the fact that employers have been carrying part of the cost and taking the rest out of paychecks automatically means that middle class people have a really fuzzy idea of how much health insurance plans cost these days.

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On The Health Care Pie

@iceberg Thanks for asking! I actually lost my townhouse just about a year ago (November 2012) when I was laid off from my job as a government contractor. In Feb I got a job with the actual government. And now I am home without pay due to the shut down. The extra fun part is that when I lost my house, I moved back with my parents. I pay a small amount of rent (like 1/3 what rent in DC would be!). My dad is a contractor... and now he's home without pay too!

Hoping we won't be homeless for real this time.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Urwelt I second getting a checkup with blood work done. Iron, and B12 are common reasons and relatively easy to fix. Sometimes exercising can actually give you more energy, so of you have a particularly sentendary lifestyle maybe try to get some workouts in?

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm living with my parents for a while (maybe a year?). This past year I: was laid off, lost my house, moved back with my parents, got a job an hour away. And after having a rocky relationship for years, my parents finally had a fight and the word "divorce" was brought up. Neither can really afford to move out, or pay the mortgage on their own, but in order to get a divorce they will need to be physically living apart for 6 months to a year. It is so awkward. I really think a divorce would be good for everyone involved, but the process (and them actually getting to the point where they even go through with it) it so stressful and awful. I just wish I lived really far away.

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@ThatWench I'm just a commuter for now, but I heard someone outside the supreme court mention a rally (street party?) happening at Freedom Plaza at 5 pm today. Of course I couldn't find anything about it by Googling.

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I took an early lunch, walked down to the Supreme Court and high fived a bunch of people and it was great.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Danzig! would you be able to just go for an MBA? My school offered an MBA with night classes. I did have to take some undergrad level courses to make up for my BFA degree in undergrad. That might be a slightly better use of your time depending on things like your time and money situation. Either way, go to school if you want to. Better now than way later, or never. Good luck!

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On Welcome Home

I'm on my third (I think) time living with my parents. This one is the worst because I went from having a well-paying job and an entire townhouse that I owned, to being laid off, having to sell my house at a loss and only having enough unemployment money to cover health insurance. So it's like the failure grab bag.
My dad has since seen a reduction in his hours and I've gotten a job and paid enough debt that I can afford to chip in some rent. But really I want to move closer to my job into a tiny apartment of my own.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll No specific advice on rental cars, but I did a road trip with my aunt from San Diego to SF ohh 7 years ago when I turned 25 and was legally able to rent a car without a ton of hassle. It was awesome. I do not remember it being a huge hassle or big extra expense to do a one way rental. The trip was awesome, even though we couldn't go up the coast due to mud/rockslides. The inland roads through the farm land was beautiful and I came home with a suitcase full of artichokes. We did a day in San Diego, LA area, Monterey Bay, SF, and a night with family near Oakland.

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On Depression, Mothers-in-Law, Friendzones

@She was a retail whore Oh my God! What about the other people who might have wanted to celebrate their own graduations? Yikes. I was the first person in my (nuclear) family to graduate from college and I'm sure my mom would have been pissed if I had to ditch them to dash off to a wedding.

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