On Considering Criticism, Impostor Syndrome, and Married-People Ethics

@prefer not to say ack so when people say things like that, then i start thinking that when i've convinced myself to be a little competent about something, i'm clearly one of those people who acts confident but doesn't get it. neuroses will always find a way!

it's true, as megan says, that you just need to do your thing, because that's all you can do.

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On The Mandoline: A Culinary History

ok, currently on my walk to work there is a festival happening with lots of little stalls selling stuff, and EVERY DAY i walk past one with the guy doing advanced mandoline demos, and damnit if the mountains of paper-thin vegetable slices haven't totally convinced me over the past week. i thiiiiiink i'm going to buy one, but i'm so scared!

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On They Always Get Their Man [or Woman]

@PistolPackinMama "came ote"!

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On Yours Is Like a Flower or a Pie or Something

guys! is it my imagination or do orgasms help with various ailments?
it makes sense to me that they would help with cramps (something something muscles, tension) but i swear they also help with like headaches and getting decongested when i have a cold!

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On He's So Unusual

wait, this is the best thing i have ever read. thank you for sharing!

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On It is Upon Us

ahhh ok ok i super want to do this but my doing so is contingent on getting a 2000-word research proposal done first, which i've been working on, off and on, for WEEKS and have restarted like 5 times. SO let tomorrow be NaReProWriDa, and if that succeeds then i will join you fine people!

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On Train Help

i freakin LOVE trains. sleeper cars are fun but the way they're set up i can't imagine having to share one with a stranger--they're somehow way more intimate than the ones in european and asian trains. however, the regular seats are big and comfy enough that i can imagine it being doable to just sleep in one. but if you get a sleeper then meals in the dining car are included, AND in that case if you're traveling alone or with one other person you will more than likely be seated at a dinner table with a nice old couple, or an amish family!

on one of the east coast trains i observed what were clearly college kids doing a highly practiced travel routine--up in the lounge/observation car (don't remember what it's called--it has giant glass windows and seats facing the windows) they'd climb into a sleeping bag in one of the chairs, get all hoodied and earphoned up, and watch a movie on their laptop in the deepening dusk. it looked amazing.

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On Building a Better Food Label

@plonk (doh, and i made a hasty mistake also--genes from the agrobacterium plasmid DO end up in the plant genome, as realizedniche says above. whee!)

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On Building a Better Food Label

@DullHypothesis you can use bacteria to modify eukaryotic cells! Agrobacterium tumefaciens is one of the most commonly used organisms for inserting foreign genes into plants. it transfers a plasmid, so it's not really modifying the plant's genome in the sense of its chromosomes, but it's definitely a bacterium being used to transfer new genes to a eukaryote.

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On The Billionaire

@plonk oops there was already someone expressing that sentiment in the same form above. but i think it's a pretty widespread sentiment in response to this piece?

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