On A Controversial Ranking of Mr. Darcys

Martin Henderson is actually a New Zealander, not British, which makes the cultural confusion even stranger...

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On Protest the NYPD Rape Acquittal

@Trilby - I'm not sure how it works in the USA (I don't live there) but where I am, if someone is stupefied, it's illegal for someone else to to have sex with them, because they're not able to give informed consent at that point. It doesn't matter if the stupefied person was the one who initiated the encounter, or originally consented - as soon as they're at a point of being stupefied (which press reports would indicate this woman was) they can't give consent anymore.

And,also, no victim of sexual violence ever ever has to take responsibility for what someone does to them.

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On The Great European Cities Tour of America

Ah-ha. Now I know why so many of you American types don't have passports. You don't need to leave home at all!

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On Party-Sized Love Advice From Men, Dispensed Daily

I can't wait until Rich Santos starts making these videos. My head will probably explode.

(or maybe the best thing he could do is NOT do one of these, then I will be disappointed and instantly fall in love with him).

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On Do This No. 3: Help a Grieving Friend

whoops, just realised I should have split that answer into two separate posts - the second paragraph is more meant as two cents for friends etc. not directed at Watts Up?

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On Do This No. 3: Help a Grieving Friend

@Watts Up?

I had two friends commit suicide within two years. That was a really sucky couple of years, but still now people are hesitant to talk about those people if they know how they died. I'd much much rather talk about the great things they did, or the amazing things I learnt from them, but I guess it's such a domineering fact for people that didn't know them that well that they have a hard time getting over that?

However, saying that, especially in in the immediate aftermath, if you are dealing with a situation involving suicide, please don't be afraid to talk about it. It's shit-awful anyway, skirting around the issue doesn't make it better. You don't have to constantly bring it up, but do let your friend talk about it. They're likely to be confused and/or angry as well as very sad so try not to be judgey if they start throwing things out windows!

(I did this, seriously, but then felt stupid and had to go and pick everything up.)

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On Do This No. 3: Help a Grieving Friend

Gosh, late to this post, (I was going to write "to the party" but that's not really appropriate right?) but just wanted to thank everyone who has shared their experiences here. I'm a little bit teary.

One other important thing I think is that if you are a friend supporting someone through grief, don't be afraid to get some support for yourself too if you need it! It can be a pretty overwhelming time, especially if you are also grieving as well. You'll be better placed to be a good friend if you're in a good place as well. This is not an excuse to skip out on people though! ("Oh sorry, grieving friend, it's just that I'm really stressed by my potted azalea turning brown so there's just no way I can help you sort out photos for the funeral."WILL NOT CUT IT.)

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On How to Pick Up and Hold a Makeup Brush

Spookily close to how I actually put on makeup. Wosh, wosh done!

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On Do You Wear Underwear Under Leggings and Tights?

Hang on! I feel confused. We're not supposed to wear knickers ( or as I prefer to call them,"gruts")under stockings because of VPL? But don't stockings, by their very nature, have to have some other item of clothing over the top of them anyway? How thick are your knickers, and how tightare your skirts/dresses/whatever else you might choose that you're having major issues with this? What is going on in your country?

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On F/M/K: William H. Macy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John C. Reilly

OH NO! Not Dylan. Imagine the moodiness, the self-absorption, the tendency to sing Christmas songs in a sincere tone.George Harrison instead, if we're doing 60s musos.

But back on track to this topic: PSH seems like a very nice man! Once he attempted to talk to me and I couldn't actually say anything, I was so overwhelmed by his mere earthy presence. So F definitely.

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