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Yes. All these things.

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On "The Manic Pixie Dream Cut"


Your observations about the politics of being a woman with short hair are spot on. I always appreciate your comments, by the way - you're so insightful.

Fangirl out!

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On "The Manic Pixie Dream Cut"

@the little c

Okay, I am being too persuasive here. Now I don't want to grow my hair out.

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On "The Manic Pixie Dream Cut"


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On "The Manic Pixie Dream Cut"

I am seeing a lot of concerns on here about not having the right face or hair texture. I don't know if this cut is for every single person on the planet, but it works on more folks than you think. If you do the following you will raise your pixie success rate by like, 75%:

1. Get a men's hairdresser to do it. I'm pretty sure they assigned me the guy who does men's cuts at my salon but still charge me the women's price. It's bullshit and I'm too conflict averse to ask for the men's rate, but who cares because this guy knows short hair.

2. Use hair goop. You don't have to spike it to high heaven (though I got more comfortable with this as time went on, and chances are you won't look like a middle school boy circa 2003), but use it to texturize so you don't have this harsh visor of hair just sitting atop your head. I just use whatever my boyfriend has. I think it's Garnier.

3. Keep the back very neat and tidy. Have them cut it into a v-shape and maintain it. If the back of your do looks newly cut, it will give your do a good shape even if your bangs are completely wacky. When you go to the hairdresser,have them clip the sides and back closer than seems wise. It'll look normal in a couple of days and your do will hold its shape longer.

4. Make sure to get wispy sideburny things at your temples. It'll frame your face, plus they're fun to play with.

5. Experiment with eye makeup, if you wear makeup. The pixie draws attention to your face more, so you can be uber-dramatic. As someone said above, fill in those brows if it's the only thing you do. People will be so drawn to your eyes that you could have an inaccurately translated Chinese character tattoo on the rest of your face and no one would notice. Okay, maybe a little.

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That beanie sounds wonderful! My workplace is not beanie-friendly but headbands are okay. I tend to let the headband sit on my head, only let like half your bangs out in front and tuck all the rest behind. Big earrings are also a great idea! I may use them to distract people from my hair situation.

Thanks for the support folks!

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Regardless of my woes above, RE: this haircut, DO IT. You will look like you have bone structure even if your face is potato-shaped, every outfit will look more chic, you'll get a bunch of inaccurate celebrity comparisons, and you literally will not have to comb your hair. Also, you can believably dress up as male pop culture icons for Halloween. It's the perfect haircut in my opinion, and one I'll go back to many times.

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@Quinn A@twitter
Headbanding it as I type this - I look a little like a mom from the sixties. Also, Donald Trump still.

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On "The Manic Pixie Dream Cut"

I just logged in to say this exact thing! I've only had my pixie for 16 months but I also want a bob (I figure if the bob sucks, I can easily go back to the pixie). Please give me some words of solidarity/encouragement because right now I look like Donald Trump.

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On Ellie Goulding, "Explosions"

Yes, yes, yes! I can't get enough of this album right now.

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