On “What do Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg and Beyonce have in common?”

@rebecca the brave My friends are disproportionately first-borns (as am I). I haven't noticed a pattern in people I've dated beyond the fact that not a one has been an only child. (I have only a handful of only child friends, too.)

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On The Stupid Trendy Cocktail Bar Name Generator

Crook & Coffin

Cleaver & Bone


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On Reasons Why Everyone is Engaged But Me: A Sampling

@likethestore So that makes two of us ...

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On A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings, Part III

aiiiii I just started dating someone I think I really like and that last one. THAT LAST ONE

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On Out With the October, In With the New Susan Miller Forecast

@large__marge I do that every month, and I got it from the Baby-Sitters Club too! I thought it was the regular series, because I only read one or two of the Karen books, but who knows.

I literally have never heard of it outside of the BSC series. So weird that my brain has decided that tiny detail was worth holding onto for 15+ years.

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On "The Logic of Stupid Poor People," Or, the Only Thing Worth Reading About the Barneys "Shopping While Black" Arrests

That was an absolutely fantastic read. Thanks.

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On Friday Open Thread

@knockout I've had really great luck with thelittlebracompany.com. They only go up to C cups, so all their stuff is suited for smaller-busted ladies in particular. I've only bought push-ups from them, but they rate each according to how much extra oomph they give.

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm seeing Fiona Apple tonight!!!! It's a seated show and I'm going alone, which I wouldn't care about except that I'm a little scared I'll end up sobbing on the shoulders of the poor souls seated on either side of me.

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On "The sexual narratives we absorb in youth are formidable, formative": What's Your All-Time Most Erotic Book?

@Mrs. Grundy I loved Mists of Avalon but all I really remember is being creeped out by the incest ... I vaguely recall that sex happened in the books, but I have no recollection of finding them interesting or titillating in the slightest.

I guess I was really repressed at 15??

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On "The sexual narratives we absorb in youth are formidable, formative": What's Your All-Time Most Erotic Book?

@calamity Also, I read Summer Sisters but have no memory of that pot-smoking scene whatsoever?? Didn't the girls hook up (in whatever sense) with each other when they were like 12 or something, or am I imagining that?

(Now that I think about it more, I may be confusing it with the scene in [OF ALL THINGS] Middlesex, where Callie and her friend pretended to be "mermaids" together when they were kids ...)

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