On How To Do Pull-Ups

I love this. I'm a t-rex too. My current goal is to get standard push-ups. The day I do a pull-up I will run naked in the street with my hair on fire.

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On Four Months Alone on the Pacific Crest Trail

This definitely makes me want to bag everything and go.

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On Going Blonde

+1000 points for "sistren."

I went from medium brown to platinum for over a year and got nothing but "I wish I could do that" from people, and I was like, "you can! it's just hair! who cares?" Then I gave myself a buzzcut (talk about semiotic implications of hair, esp for a femme straight chick), and now I dye it beautiful blue. It's weird, I get nothing but good feedback about this hair (especially from kids), even in situations where I'm like, hmm, I didn't even think about what blue hair would say to these people, is blue hair okay? It helps not to be interviewing for jobs, I suppose. PS I am pushing 40 and a professional classical singer and voice teacher. Moral of the story: go nuts with your hair, it's fun.

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On Remembering Lilith: Jewel

So, I was at the inaugural Lilith Fair, and though I was tepid on Jewel beforehand, she won my heart forever by yodeling her head off at the end of her set. It was 1 million times more interesting than anything else she'd done prior. But I definitely boohooed over some boy to the tune of You Were Meant for Me.

Never stop writing this series.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

Bette, you sound so cool and interesting, and I'm so impressed by how much you've already overcome--how active you've been in making your own life better. That is huge. I hope you get exactly what you want, whether it's an ongoing shagfest or a regular brunch buddy.

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On All the Songs Featured on the Soundtrack of the 1982 Film Adaptation of "Annie," Discussed

Oh, I'm late to this party, but yes yes yes! This movie was probably THE defining movie of my childhood and when my record started skipping, I weighed down the needle on my Fisher Price record player with pennies so that it would keep playing smoothly.

One of the best things about being a voice teacher is being able to assign songs from Annie to my 12-14 year olds. And also I have one student in her late 50s to whom I assigned "Little Girls." And playing the piano along with them is hilarious (incidentally, I cannot believe I didn't own the songbook until I started teaching non-classical musicians a couple years ago).

Getting cast as Miss Hannigan is on my list, yo, and it would be a major departure because I'm an opera singer. But I'm pretty sure I would just be cribbing Carol Burnett's version.

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On A Touchy Subject

@parallel-lines Uh, I'm a lifelong Minneapolis resident and my peoples are huggers. Verbally and physically affectionate, family and friends alike. I like it.

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On 'Pin Picks: Inaugural Edition

@playingpossum :( I'm so sorry for your loss.

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On 'Pin Picks: Inaugural Edition

@Decca It gave me a tear because I have 3 sibs myself.

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On 'Pin Picks: Inaugural Edition

@Decca Agreed about the sibling stuff in On Beauty. I have this excerpted in a little google doc of quotes that I keep: "People talk about the happy quiet that can exist between two lovers, but this too was great; sitting between his sister and his brother, saying nothing, eating. Before the world existed, before it was populated, and before there were wars and jobs and colleges and movies and clothes and opinions and foreign travel--before all of these things there had been only one person, Zora, and only one place: a tent in the living room made from chairs and bed-sheets. After a few years, Levi arrived; space was made for him; it was as if he had always been. Looking at them both now, Jerome found himself in their finger joints and neat conch ears, in their long legs and wild curls. He heard himself in their partial lisps caused by puffy tongues vibrating against slightly noticeable buckteeth. He did not consider if or how or why he loved them. They were just love: they were the first evidence he ever had of love, and they would be the last confirmation of love when everything else fell away."

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