On "Grizzly Man" is on Netflix Instant


Obligatory Herzog reads Where's Waldo spoof.

I've only seen Grizzly Man and Port of Call New Orleans...any suggestions which other ones I should check out?

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On "Grizzly Man" is on Netflix Instant

@Quinciferous Yesss! I can never do it justice though, maybe I shouldn't start with "And the bears literally shit themselves when they fight!"

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On Shake the Particles Off

@Emby YES YES AND YES. I remember being mind-blown when I was reading it and came to the part in the first page(?) when he says something like "By now you've probably put your feet up and made yourself comfortable" at the exact moment I was adjusting my weight. It's a pretty simple way to make it feel like the author is all-knowing but at that time I thought it was genious!

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On The 1950s Glamour Tutorial

@ennaenirehtac agreed! The only reason I went and bought a highlighter was because of a how to be a girl post and now I also never leave home without it. Thank you Janeeee!

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On The Science of Sunscreen

OK how worried should I be about that website's assessment of my skincare products? I thought La Roche Posay was my buddy for life since my doctor recommended I switch to it for eczema. But they are apparently quietly trying to kill me?!

Also I'm on Triclosan given by my doctor but that site has extremely unfavourable reviews of it. Should I ask for something else?

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On Surprising Jewelry in Art

That Veronese one can double up in a Creepy Hands in Art part II.

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On V.S. Naipaul's Party Trick

6/10. At first I was like 'hmm, not bad'. But then I realised it was kinda bad.

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On Woman Has Ecstatic Experience While Toning Her Face

I thought that video was insane until I scrolled down and saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXcYVh-W14E&feature=related

Never sleeping again.

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On 'Songs About Man-Having' – A Playlist

Mya's The Best of Me is so, so good even now. Plus Aaliyah's We Need a Resolution.

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On 'Songs About Man-Having' – A Playlist

When I was 14, I wrote about Lauryn Hill for one of my reports for English (I don't even remember what it was for) and my teacher said 'Good report!' and let me read it out to the class. I think she honestly liked it?

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