On Hair Removal Techniques from 1532: "Boil together a solution of one pint of arsenic & an eighth of a pint of quicklime..."

A friend of mine pointed out, after one of multiple iterations of the 'ruskin freaked out by pubic hair' story, that it isn't as if we see body hair on male nudes either-- but women are expected to live to the image in a way that men are not.

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On False Dichotomy vs Who Cares


brb getting this picked out in studs on the back of a leather jacket i will wear forever

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On It's All In Your Head: A Conversation About Being Sick Without a Diagnosis

@pintje yeah, I was totally reminded of Morgellons - and since I think of M.E. as being a physical ailment, and Morgellons as being significantly more psychosomatic in origin (sorry, Joni), it meant I had to sit and consider how it was I was so definite on this.

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On It's All In Your Head: A Conversation About Being Sick Without a Diagnosis

@bureaucrab my doctors - admittedly in the UK's NHS - have definitely used diagnostic flowcharts when dealing with a rare-ish health problem I presented with -- and also the Map of Medicine healthguide system is standard when thinking about treatment options. it seems pretty unlikely that US doctors wouldn't be using similar systems! Maybe they don't like letting patients see that they're using them because it ruins the illusion of doctor-knows-all...

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On What Your One Direction Crush Says About Your Year

petition for a day on which every post on the Hairpin is written in tender gentle Dear-Sugary horoscope-speak. Let's make an initiation, dearest Hairpin, I see good things coming your way.

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On An Interview with Porpentine, Maker of Mutant Feminist Cyber Games

@Porpentine !!!!!!!

back when i played the game i thought it was a metaphor for how i could never get there but of course i was wrong! we can all get to oasis zone vi, you are by our side.

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On Missed Connection - m4m

The Band Who Was (like) Thursday

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On Have You Instagrammed the Weather Yet?

On a freezing-to-death tip, this 'roguelike' computer game (javascript based, you play in your browser, no need to download) about surviving in an arctic wilderness is super excellent.

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On Sweet Dee

@sarah girl I wonder if this piece that ran on The Awl last month - http://www.theawl.com/2013/12/the-new-spammer-panic - had a sort of "here's why we're leaving the comments up" function: these kinds of spam comments are an SEO strategy that backfires on the companies who use it if the comments are left up (though i don't think the piece does a good job of explaining exactly how). Still, even if leaving spam comments up will have some eventual bad effect on the companies behind them, having a comments section populated with spam is kind of unsightly and depressing. If they must keep them around as a bad-SEO time bomb, isn't there some way they could temporarily hide them?

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On The Fanciest Gingerbread Houses in All the Land

the marriage was built to last but the house was built out of gingerbread

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