On A Weekend Roundup and a Goodbye

@Bette: Sparkles for Everyone

+1 on the tagging, it's a skill and an art.

hope you have a great time at Jezebel, Emma!

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On It's the Anniversary of Susan B. Anthony's "Illegal" Vote

@snakelet I don't understand -- are you suggesting that we shouldn't have to read a quote which makes it obvious that SBA said and believed racist things? I kind of feel like that would be more of a problem, morally speaking: that would be to fictionalise her into a paragon. (and then, of course, we in time could 'discover' that she also believed and said racist things, and then decide that she is in fact an ultimate monster and nothing she did was of value because of her moral turpitude.)

Isn't it essential that we be willing to talk about the fact that people can hold opinions that are morally unconscionable to you or i, and also simultaneously do things that are great or noble or advance the course of human freedom?

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On What Is the Deal With Bees Right Now

@AnnieM can i suggest you NEVER investigate the episodes in which a swarm of bees attack some hornets because they are beyond nightmare fodder.

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On Vampire Diaries Author Now Writing Fan Fiction For Her Own Series

I wonder how much of the idea for the WSJ article came from the Awl piece on LJ Smith from a couple of months back...

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On A Butt Load Means 491 Liters

@ru_ri the british poet laureate also traditionally receives, annually, a hundred pounds and a "butt of sack". Poets need their wine!

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On "PRODUCT DETAILS: This attachment for your bath will hold your beverage in a wine glass while you bathe."

@KJZ special wine, real good wine

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On Multilingual Gibberish

@katzenklavier yeah, I think too much familiarity with the languages in question kind of ruins it - the Japanese contained consonant mixtures that aren't normally possible (and the clipped bits of it had a rhythm more like Korean) and that threw me entirely.

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On Hair Removal Techniques from 1532: "Boil together a solution of one pint of arsenic & an eighth of a pint of quicklime..."

A friend of mine pointed out, after one of multiple iterations of the 'ruskin freaked out by pubic hair' story, that it isn't as if we see body hair on male nudes either-- but women are expected to live to the image in a way that men are not.

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On False Dichotomy vs Who Cares


brb getting this picked out in studs on the back of a leather jacket i will wear forever

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On It's All In Your Head: A Conversation About Being Sick Without a Diagnosis

@pintje yeah, I was totally reminded of Morgellons - and since I think of M.E. as being a physical ailment, and Morgellons as being significantly more psychosomatic in origin (sorry, Joni), it meant I had to sit and consider how it was I was so definite on this.

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