On Drinks for Hot Days, Like This One

@cosmia i don't like them in mixed drinks, and mine seem to be disintegrating. maybe from overuse? i like regular ice with cocktails.

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On Be Less Crazy About ... Weight

@Scandyhoovian - I don't know how to say this without sounding disingenuous, but it's good to hear that someone else has been through what I'm about to go through/am going through. Cheerlead away!

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On Texts From Jane Eyre

@redonion - i had this conversation earlier with a friend. the two movies i've seen Fassbender in were decidedly unsexy, even "Shame", which stars his underpants area *NAKED*. in "Hunger", you will find him completely unsexy, i assure you. YET, in spite of all this, i love him and hope that on my next trip to the bay area (which i have found to be packed with irish, much to my delight) that i'll find one who looks even a little like him.

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On Friday Open Thread

@VDRE maybe smaller things like new socks or a cute headband to keep your hairjazz out of your face?

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On Friday Open Thread

@cuminafterall http://gabedelahaye.com/2011/02/the-lost-steig-larsson-novel/ this parody is wonderful as well. i remember it better than any of the books.

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On What the Kids Are Listening to Next: Charli XCX

@cuminafterall didn't want to like this, but i really, really like this.

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Do You Go, Girl?

@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas i knew a girl who swore she had no functions like that at all. she said,"that is gross and people who do are gross." she is a vet now.

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On White Pants and Wedges

i hate hate hate D magazine but am so glad Sarah is back in town. I'll read this without even complaining a little bit.

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On Dinner Theatre: David Byrne and Annie Clark

having known Ms. Clark since high school, i will say that i have been deeply jealous of her perfect skin and hair since then. Her sister's gorgeous as well. impossibly pretty, both of them, and actually really nice.

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On Be Less Crazy About Your Body ... For the Children

i created a login just so i could comment on how unbelievably awesome this made me feel. megan is my new internet best friend.

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