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By MarianTheLibrarian on Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

@Emmanuelle Cunt I don't know if werewolfbarmitzvah is/was a Girl Scout, but I totally am/was. I always have AT LEAST 2 extra pairs of underwear/socks, and at least 1 extra shirt. Even if I'm staying somewhere just for the night and have every intention of wearing the same jeans home, I still bring extra.
I also carry toothpaste/toothbrush/floss/deodorant/hairbrush and a zillion OTC meds: pain, stomach, allergies, etc with me at all times.

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By barefoot cuntessa on Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

@frigwiggin Probably my proudest travel moment was packing for my honeymoon. We went to New York, Iceland, and Paris for two weeks, and I got aaaaaaaall my shit in a carry on. I think it reaffirmed my husband's love for me.

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By Ophelia on Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

@plonk Also, that new terminal is awesome, and has an Accessorize, in which I can spend happy hours trying on scarves.

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By Hammitt on Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

@freelee That is the biggest of aspirations. We'll keep hoping, for we are the dreamers of dreams. Dreams and travel vouchers.

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By Judith Slutler on Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

BRILLIANT. However though, airline screwups are why I always have an extra t-shirt, bra and undies in my carry-on, along with a tiny amount of liquid detergent. (I only started doing this after my ex and I turned a missed flight + hotel stay into a spontaneous night out in Philly and arrived back at the airport the next day reeking of sweat, smoke and vodka)

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By SarahP on Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

Oh god no. With the exception of Day 1: 1a, everything you have described here is my version of hell. I would pay nearly $6000 not to experience it.

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I don't understand

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By fondue with cheddar on Lesser-Known Birthday Party Themes

The breakfast party is missing one thing: champagne. For mimosas. This is not an option.

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By shawbaby on Lesser-Known Birthday Party Themes

Just throwing this out there: Fake Bachelorette Party was the GREATEST. birthday party I have ever had. Never have I ever been hit on as much as when I was pretending to be a bachelorette.

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