On Friday Open Thread

@iwearaFEZnow Why is Rafa a secret favorite? SHOW YOUR LOVE, GIRL.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy Haha, yes, so ironic, although Nole is as slow if not slower than Rafa. I have been a terrible tennis fan lately, but I know the ATP implemented a new policy recently that is much stricter on time violations. And I'm pretty sure that Nadal got a couple of point penalties earlier in the tournament. And as much as I love him, the coaching that he gets from Uncle Toni is also pretty egregious. I don't think it really affects match outcomes, but flouting the coaching rules so blatantly is a poor reflection on him, and it makes me a little sad because I just want him to be Fed-level perfect.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy Oh I definitely think Serena is going to win, I just think whether it's close or not is going to depend on how well Sharapova serves and therefore maintains confidence. Also just checked the head to head of Ferrer-Nadal and he's gotten 2 sets off of Nadal this clay season, and I was thinking of the more lopsided performances over the previous couple of years. But this is Ferrer's first major final, and Rafa always brings his best stuff to finals, especially at Roland Garros. I would be pretty surprised if Ferrer wins a set, but I hope it's a decent match.

In my 20 years of watching tennis I can't remember another time someone actually touched the net. That was unfortunate. And then the time violation called against him (I think in the same game?) was a pretty egregious call. Unless he's taking like 90 seconds between points, don't call a time violation in a 5th set.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy I rarely comment but I logged in just to say: RAFA! He never disappoints at Roland Garros. Tsonga, on the other hand, was super disappointing. I fear the final is going to be a steamroll. But Serena-Sharapova is a very interesting matchup for tomorrow.

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On Unless It's Chris Brown

YOU GUYS. What about Russell Crowe?! This screams Russell Crowe to me.

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On The Story of the Williams Sisters

@Xanthophyllippa I used to root against them. Nowadays I have a huge amount of respect for both of them. I'm amazed every time Serena comes back from a year off and a traumatic injury and dominates a major. Besides, my intense dislike is now reserved for Azarenka and her ridiculous grunting. No matter what she says, I will never believe that is a natural sound.

I feel sad for Jennifer Capriati; it seems like she hasn't been able to adjust to post-tennis life well. I remember a year or two ago she ended up hospitalized for a suicide attempt around one of the majors. I hope she's gotten the help she needed.

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On "A Skin Thing" on Into the Gloss

@parallel-lines Yeah, I asked my dermatologist about this too when I got severe acne after college. He said that men really don't have problems after they finish puberty, but with women, it can pop up at any time in life. Mine was when I finished college and started working in a super stressful job. A few rounds of monocycline cleared it up, but it is not comforting to hear that it could come back into my 40s and 50s.

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On Seriously, Though, This is Bad

@Ophelia Actually, that reminds me that my dog (who was put down a few months ago at age 17) HATED weimaraners. He was completely normal and playful with other dogs, but would try to go after any weimaraner he saw. Dog racism. Who knew.

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On Seriously, Though, This is Bad

@travelmugs I think it's more about the handlers, though. Dogs can read human emotions, body language and other signals better than any other animal, which is why they've domesticated so well. Sadly I think this is a case of dogs trying to please handlers who give off body-language indicating that they want the dog to find drugs. I've already lost most of my faith in humanity, so I really don't want to lose my faith in dogs!

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On Three Vanity Plates I Saw Yesterday

@EternalFootwoman I grew up in Norfolk and I actually think there are more in that area than in NoVa. At least in Hampton Roads, it seems like just a normal identifier to separate your family's grey-brown Suburban from everyone else's in the parking lot. The most common trend is (was? I don't know if this is still a thing) having your last name and the number of people in your family as your vanity plate, e.g., "5JONES" or "4SMITHS". But I wouldn't at all be surprised if in NoVa there were a lot of special-snowflake ones.

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