On The Best Time I ... Tried to Adopt a Cat

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

I found one living in the engine area of my boyfriends car. I had it for two weeks before he made me give it away to a friend of his. Lots of fights over this.

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On How to Talk to Your Average Four-Year-Old

My little sister is 8 and I still have this problem with her. She is all about naked people. I don't want her to be ashamed of her body but I think growing up in a houseful of girls has made her a little too comfortable. I walked downstairs last week to find her just chilling out in her underwear. Then she informs me she just got the mail for me too. As in she walked out side in her underwear. I tried talking to her about how it's fine in the house when no one is home but you can't go out like that. Her excuse was that it is just too hot for clothes, its just a body, and nobody was going to see her. I did have to agree with it being too hot though, it was 112 f. Also, boobs, I have never seen a child so fascinated by boobs.

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On New York: The Besieged Children

Good luck! My (biological) parents kept foster kids most of my life so I am very familiar with it. It was really hard on my as a child when my "siblings" would be taken away to a new foster family or even back with their own. It is very exhausting having to have to deal with the foster care system and all the appointments and visitations that the kids go to. The children themselves often misbehave from stress. Strangers will find out that you have a foster child and demand that you tell them the kids story. Everyone has an opinion about it and feels free to tell you about it. Despite all of that, it is so worth it! As soon as I am financially stable and old enough I want to do so myself.

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