On Tupperwhere?

It's fairly common in Canada to see Tupperware kiosks in the shopping malls, especially around Christmas. So I have tons of Tupperware, but have only been to one party.

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On Beauty Q&A: Shells, Bra Purses, and The Next New 'Do

@Steph I agree. I spent the Christmas break in Madrid and Barcelona, and I had a small purse with a cross body strap, with a zipped pocket at the back (the side which sat against my stomach) where I kept my wallet. The tips I were given included: make sure they can't slit the bottom and have anything of value fall out, and make sure to wear the purse across your body so they can't just snatch it.

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On 'Pinup Roundup

For identification at our Winnipeg 'pinup, we sent e-mails within the google group explaining what we looked like in general terms. Also, I picked a relatively small restaurant with good sight lines, so hopefully we can see everyone that comes in.

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On 'Pinup Roundup

@kickupdust That's too bad! Hopefully this will just be one of several, so we hope next time you'll make it. Are you on the google pinup e-mail list?

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On Hair and Morality

@ReginaSavage Yup, I love beards on men.
But I would be personally offended if a guy asked me to change my hair. So I wouldn't try that on someone I care about.

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On Friday Open Thread

@KatieBarTheDoor As a Canadian, we have a radio show called The Vinyl Cafe, which is a collection of stories about this couple and their kids and neighbors. It's a great combination of hilarious and touching. I download their podcast from iTunes.

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On Friday Open Thread

@theotherginger For a fantastic collection of Mennonite recipes, I always use www.mennonitegirlscancook.ca. They're amazing!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Queen of Pickles Screen doors are a thing in places with lots of bugs that come inside. In my experience, that's less common in England and Europe than in North and South America.

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On Friday Open Thread

@jen325 I do not have a pixie face, and I've had several short hairstyles over the years. I love the ease of short hair, and lots of people have complimented my hair, even when it's not "done".

My advice would be to ask your friends / colleagues / random people on the street whose short haircuts you admire for the name of their hairdresser. That way you know you're going to someone who does short haircuts well. Be very clear about what you want and don't want (put it in writing so you don't forget something!), and don't be afraid to speak up during the haircut if you don't like what they're doing. Bring lots of pictures to give them a visual frame of reference. Also, highlights help to make a short style more "interesting". Good luck!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Cat named Virtute I am so bummed that I missed the message! I would have loved to have been there!

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