On Every Single Outfit* Alicia Florrick Wears In Every Episode Of "The Good Wife"

Wow, I didn't think I would leave watching this feeling a deep desire to binge watch this show ASAP, but I really, really did.

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On Writers Writing About Writers (and Musicians, and Artists, and and)

andddd purchased.

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On Animal Surprise: The See-Through

NATALIEEEEE I will never get tired of looking at these

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: My Best Friend's Wedding

I never payed close attention to the beginning of this movie (I've always caught it on cable, don't know if I've ever actually seen it the whole way through) but I'd always just assumed that Kimmy was in grad school and not...21 and still in college? Why are her parents okay with this wedding????

I love your analysis of why people like this movie- I think that the "who is chasing you" scene is just as, if not more, affecting as any realization of love is in other romcoms. It gives us an emotional climax that speaks just as much to our real experiences as our desired experiences, while still holding the rest of the romcom framework.

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On The Worst Flirting in the World (in Ascending Order)


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On Ask a Fancy Person: Consignment Shops, Gendered Pronouns and Leaving the Forever 21 Zone

@Maggie Emily@facebook How do you talk to a tailor??
Like, what language do you use, what can/can't you ask for? When you are looking at a piece of clothing, how do you know if you should get it tailored or just leave it in the store? I'm just starting my first tailored-clothes expected job and I do NOT know what to do. Beyond hemming, what can they do?
I absolutely don't have an eye for these things, so I tend to either accept that something is going to look off on me or only buy something that fits me perfectly or close to it. Help!

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On Gmail Chains

Read this while walking fine line of laughing nicely at the writing because it's funny and laughing meanly at the people who this reminds me of, because they suck.

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On The Best (and Worst and Last) Time I Went To a Sorority Party

The conclusion to this article may be the funniest thing I have ever read. “I do have several more. But I have to eat them all.” made me cackle maddeningly- so much better than if you'd shared the bagel.

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On The One Variable Uniting All Women Is Witchhood

"one of the devil's many hellbrides" is my new twitter bio

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On We Hacked Anthropologie

Burst out laughing when you revealed your creations. Katy and Katie is always the best part of my day when it comes out.

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