On The Top 1000 Movies I've Never Seen

I...watch so many movies.

(I have seen quite literally half the movies on this list.)

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On The Engagement Phone Cover and The Wedding-Industrial Complex

@Jaya My guess is that *many* engagement celebrating products are gifts from well-meaning family members. I know that my friend has had to find a balance between her total loathing of all engagement-related merchandise and somehow still displaying the "Bling Bling I Got the Ring" picture frame her future sister-in-law gave her, so as to maintain harmony.

Of course, then again, I know a ton of women who are super swept up in the giant wedding, FB-post about my husband every day, "I can't wait to be Mrs. ____ ____!" thing, so they might be the audience who buys such products for themselves.

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On Which English Do You Speak?

My regionalisms are such a hodgepodge. I've been living in Boston off and on since I was 11, but I will still occasionally be told by a friend that something I think is perfectly normal is a Southern California thing -- I didn't realize that people here don't use an article before freeways (the 405) until I was, like, 20. (Or that they don't really say freeway.)

Then there's the Midwestern college, and the study abroad in Dublin, and the too much Canadian TV, and the grad school in England, and teaching in France, and ahhhh. I'm too linguistically impressionable; it's a problem.

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On Which English Do You Speak?

@Frankeneeka "Needs washed" is definitely one of the odd regionalisms that really stuck with me from moving around a lot. I grew up in Southern California and Boston, but went to college in Ohio with a roommate from southern Michigan, and thanks to her I say that all the time.

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On Elsa’s Coming Out Party

@LydiaBennett I know! I can't say Frozen was my favorite Disney movie (it is based -- SO LOOSELY -- on one of my favorite fairy tales, so it was always going to be a hard sell, and I just didn't care for the music), but I loved that it had two very different female protagonists and that their relationship was central to the movie.

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On The Pubic Issue, Non-Monosexuality 101, and The Cool Gay Auntie

I have been watching a ton of Criminal Minds lately (to avoid my own graduate school work, of course) and so my first reaction to the Emily/Spencer recommendation was "Not sure Prentiss/Reid would be my sexytimes choice, but whatever floats your boat."

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On The Best Time I Said Yes to Everything for a Week and Ended Up Having Bad Sex (Twice), Going Camping and Contracting Shingles

I've been working on saying yes more to everyone not related to me, and no more to the six family members I live with. So far, all it has meant is that I made a super cool glass pendant with my alumnae group, joined another committee, and got to stay home and watch all of Avatar: The Last Airbender season three this weekend instead of spending eight hours in a car with my parents. Very few shingles.

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On Winter Survival: Almanzo Wilder’s Apple Pie

@ohpioneer I read Farmer Boy so many times as a child and now that I've seen a picture of him, I am like, "Those were good instincts." Because dang.

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On Dreaming With Shirley Temple

This is really gorgeous -- thank you for sharing it.

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On Who Is "You"? (Mad)

@Lily Rowan I made it through a couple rounds of the auditions for the college tournament, but haven't tried out as an adult.

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