On Old* People Obsessed With Talking Out Loud

I'm reading "Alone Together" now for research material, with the goal of adding Turkle herself as a character in my sci-fi novel involving a boy who falls in love with a robot. The fact that she has a Twitter account is BLOWING MY MIND.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Postcard From Paris

Oh Esther. I find you more adorable with every comic(?) of yours I read.

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On Die Antwoord's "I Fink You Freeky" Music Video

Aw, I was hoping for a longer version of that other video, with the marbled cat demons or whatever.

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On Woman Not a Fan?

I'm not even a lady and I love the shit out of this website, which wouldn't be the case if it was oh-so super serious. She can eat a bowl of dicks.

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On Portlandia Season Two, Episode One: The Allergy Pride Parade

@frushka I totally did this. Got to work, noted the barren parking lot, realized it was a holiday. Kinda nice to hang out alone at my desk for an hour though!

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On The Mac Who Loved Me

All of this is amazing! I love it.

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On Details on That Shining Sequel

If they make a movie out of this I will burn my closest theater *down*.

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On David Lynch Designs Underground Death Trap in Paris

I love this man to death. We actually have a framed picture of him in our living room. Why doesn't he open up something cool where I live!

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On "I Think I Made a Nice Little Home Out of a Garbage Can"

I like that guy's cadence and his hair cut.

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On Belle's Inner Monologue

@tiniest This is my favorite part, although the whole thing is fantastic.

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