On 'Pin Picks: Baker's Dozen, or Lucky Number 13

I cannot emphasize enough the degree to which Cold Comfort Farm will make everyone happy. "I mun cletter the dishes, Robert Poste's child." "That's a twig. What you want is a nice little mop with a handle."

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On The Mother of Dragons Looks Into Day School Options

I can't stop picturing a glossy brochure with the school's one black kid, a kid in a wheelchair, and a baby dragon doing a science experiment under block letters: DIVERSITY.

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On Dog Shadow

Oh, man. This is tough. This piece perfectly sums up why I get so emotional about dogs - they don't understand when bad things happen. I'm a wreck when my family dog even looks confused when she gets dropped off at the kennel for a weekend, because I can't explain that we're coming back. But even if they don't understand pain or mortality, the thing that I love about dogs is that they DO understand when people are good to them. You, Kira, and your family, are clearly good to Kip. He understands that, and you know it because he returned the favor when you needed it. So he might not understand the scary things, but he understands that. If there is anything fair in the universe at all, the afterlife for Kip will be a big fluffy couch with an armrest for his head and an endless supply of fortune cookies, so he'll have somewhere nice to be while he's waiting for you. But that doesn't make it any easier. I'll be thinking of him and you.

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On It's a Fair Cop

I dated a dude in college who lent me a book of poems that he was really into, but then he told me a bunch of disturbing backstory about himself relating to how he responded in an extraordinarily creepy way to being broken up with by a prior girlfriend ("That doesn't freak you out, right?" WRONG), so instead of breaking up with him and inviting scary behavior I just kind of....stopped answering his texts? I didn't want to see him to give the book back, and we didn't really have friends in common, so at the end of the year I put it in a donation box. But then the NEXT YEAR I ran into him, and he was like "Hey, can I have my book back? Also I had kind of a breakdown when you ignored me." I am a bad liar, and he SO didn't believe me when I told him I'd lost it.

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On Things to Ban Instead of Commonly Banned Books

@spankminister@twitter But what if you are FRAMED and sent to Azkaban? WHAT THEN?

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On New Fairy Tales

@nzle Shuddery good. Also, have you read Gaiman's "The Problem of Susan"? It's a take on the Narnia stories that will break your mind. I sort of can't decide if I could honestly say that like these two or not, because they're so upsetting, but they're definitely brilliant.

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On My Dinner With George and Martha

Who's Afraid... is amazing. I tried directing a scene from it for a college class, using fellow students. In a shocking twist, it was awkward! Also, my mom used to refer to both her own children and the children of others as "blonde-eyed blue-haired bouncing baby beanbag"s all the time, but I didn't figure out until way later what it was from. Nicole, your Broadway posts are always aces!

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On 'Pin Picks: The Fifth Estate

Hey Wise Child fans, did you guys also read Tamora Pierce? The Song Of The Lioness and The Immortals series both had awesome heroines and magic and some sexytimes that rocked my twelve-year-old world.

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On Santa Fe: A Meeting

I've been a lurker here for a long time, but now I can stay silent no longer. Now I must rise from the shadowy depths of lurkdom and cry out to the multitudes, and to them I say:
America! AMERICA.

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