On What Happened When I Tried to Read a Whole Book

Semi-unrelated: I hated this book so hard. I couldn't even make it 20 pages through before I gave up. I'm from KY so I thought it would be all Historical and Interesting and Roots of KY, but it was just all Jimbo and Tater Nuts shooting each other in front of the courthouse. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Re: Frye shoes. The 7's pinch and are too tight but the 7.5's flap off my heels when I'm walking. I need a 7.25 obviously. But it does save me a lot of shoe money in the end, so there's that.

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On Friday Open Thread

@255 Thank you for your kind words. I hadn't thought about al-anon, will give it some consideration. It's funny you mentioned the retreat because I was actually planning on one, so it's good to hear that you recommend doing one. I'm lucky to have a wonderful one an hour's drive from my home.

I'm sorry for what you went through but it's an enormous comfort to hear from someone who was in the same situation. Thanks for reaching out.

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On Friday Open Thread

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Yes, thank you. It's more of the latter. I've been having the hardest month. My grandfather died and then my husband decided it was the perfect time to tell me we don't have sex enough for his taste (we have been together for 8 years and married for 1) and it's a deal breaker for him. We've been fighting terribly and it's so exhausting. We started therapy together and THAT's exhausting. I just think maybe it's not going to work in the end and it's making me super sad because he's not a terrible person; I'm just not as affectionate as he is.

Also I'm terrible at conflict and dealing with it although trying to get better. But we've just had some rough fights (threatening divorce, name calling which is later denied NOT BY ME THANK YOU VERY MUCH, throwing shit) that I'm just sure if I can't get over some of the things that were said to me.

He also said there is no such thing as equality in a relationship. Which disturbs me deeply.

I am just completely despondent over this.

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On Friday Open Thread

I think I am having a nervous break down.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: A Horn of Plenty

"A cocktail hour each afternoon"

Yes, please.

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On Things I Learned About Children on a Recent Flight Out of Orlando

On a flight from Rome to Philadelphia there was a woman with two children, maybe 10 and 3, sitting directly in front of me. When they boarded I was like OH GOD DAMMIT FANTASTIC but what ended up happening was they were the most beautiful, best behaved, quietest children on the planet. Then the 3-year-old turned around and we made faces and laughed at each other between the seats for almost the whole time. Then I felt like a jerk for assuming they would make the next 8 hours a living hell. It was the Unicorn Flight.

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On Beauty Q&A: Nails 101

Go to Sally Beauty and get the Orly Bonder Basecoat, it's amazing. It makes the base... rubbery? It makes the polish stick on for longer and I never ever nerver get stains. They make a bitchin' topcoat too, the Glosser Professional Topcoat. Yes you have to wait for it to dry for a while. That's just part of it. Get some wine and netflix and just sit for a while. Actually the whole Orly line is awesome and it's usually on sale there.

1) Go to the bathroom first because it is Science that you will have to pee within 5 minutes of finishing a manicure
2) File nails in the same direction
3) California Mango Cuticle Remover: smells good, isn't caustic. Just rub it on, wait a minute, and get one of those flat-ended sticks and push your cuticles back.
4) Get one of those buffer blocks and rub the hell out of your nails with it, it smooths out ridges temporarily.
5) Base coat, 2 or 3 coats of polish (let dry somewhat in between), top coat, sit and wait.

Bonus Tip:
To clean up edges get a cheap ass eyebrow pencil brush (angled, stiff bristles) from Walgreens, dip that in nail polish remover, and clean them bitches up.

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On Beauty Q&A: Nails 101

@Disco Sheets Be sure the base layer is 1 zillion percent dry before you stick the tape on. This usually turns into a 2-day manicure for me b/c it always turns sloppy even if I've waited for hours. Go overnight. Then, when you put the tape on (doing the arm thing) and paint over top of it, be sure and remove the tape right after, don't let it dry any.

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On Assumptions

@melmuu No but now I will

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