On Be the Change, Jerks

@wee_ramekin For some folks, including me, there is also #6: self-sabotage, or setting oneself up to fail. I have made huge improvements on a lifetime of chronic lateness (thank goodness my friends mostly laughed it off, but bosses sure didn't) mostly by addressing its roots in therapy. For me and maybe likewise for others with low self-esteem, it can be a way of just starting everything off on the wrong foot, of proving to yourself that you suck. The idea of giving myself the gift of being on time, making the claim that I was worth it, was huge. I definitely hate lateness from the outside and like others see it as disrespectful of others' time - but it can be symptomatic of disrespect of oneself, too.

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On Friday Open Thread

So many songs, all the time. But most frequently, my dog hears variations on Madonna's Music. "Pooping -- makes the doggy -- feel much better -- yeah!" You can try this with your baby also.

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On Friday Open Thread

Thanks all!

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On Friday Open Thread

Any advice on where to find good online hairdo tutorials? I need a wedding-party-appropriate do and lots and lots of hand-holding.

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On Why Buying From Emerging Fashion Designers Costs More Money (and Why That's Okay)

@The Hons Thanks to you and everyone for your considered responses to this. I de-lurked just to tell you all how much I appreciate this commentariat. Even if I was well-off enough that $200 was an accessible price point for a single piece of clothing, I would still almost never spend that, because that’s not in my value system – and I really like clothes. It is ok if it’s part of your values, but I resent being told I should follow suit. Living and working in New York means being barraged every day with the “shoulds” of Madison and Fifth Avenues. Resisting the jealousy and rage that comes with being excluded from that is a daily struggle. So seeing these ladies first plastered all over this site with actual advertising (which, fine, do your thing) followed by this thinly-veiled advertorial, which tells us we’d *be* better if only we’d *shop* better (and by the way, we “should feel awesome” about it), is about as alienating as a Saks campaign.

Also, economically speaking, the concept of clothing as investment is ludicrous.

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