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On What You've Named Your Outlets For Maternal Feelings

At first I really wanted a New Orleans version, but then I realized that Stella would be the most popular name in every area.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School Is In Session!

tips for cat hair removal? I use a lint roller but even after a wash and lint roll, it seems near impossible to keep my clothes cat hair free.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School Is In Session!

@whereismyrobot Definitely get her to the vet, and can you keep her out of your bedroom until then? Did you change litter or apartments or anything recently?

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School Is In Session!

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On Monday Bargain Bin: Crazy-Colored Shoes Edition

@LolaLaBalc Responding because I want to know too! They don't have 7s in the flats, and I need flats so badly!

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On Mini Ask a Lady: Teenage Tattoos

@Burly-Q In my experience, it barely hurt at all. I was too distracted by the fact that my teeth were vibrating to notice very much pain.

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On Mini Ask a Lady: Teenage Tattoos

@Burly-Q I have one! It's a tiny woman/Venus symbol in white. I got it my senior year of college because I wanted to celebrate ladies/being a lady/being a feminist in a slightly public but discrete way--which is also how i tend to live my politics. Four years later, I don't regret it one bit, but I am glad it's in white so not many people notice it (ugh explaining why you are proud to be a lady is annoying sometimes). If you have short hair or wear your hair back a lot, you will get more questions about it.

When you get it done, it feels so weird! Vibrating on your skull!!

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On Mini Ask a Lady: Teenage Tattoos

Meh, I have four tattoos that run the gamut. When I was 18 I got one that is just absolute shit. When I was 22 I got a half sleeve that is stunning and vibrant (congratulations, how wonderful). I don't regret any of my ink, big or small, shitty or spectacular, if I was young or younger when I got them.

That said, it's really important that, no matter how old you are, you get a tattoo from a reputable artist at a reputable business. It is better to regret a tattoo because it's frivolous or ugly or dated than to regret a tattoo because you contracted a disease or developed infection from unsafe or unsterile conditions. Please do the research, know what safety practices to look for, and don't be afraid to walk away if your artist's actions or behavior make you uncomfortable in any way.

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On IUDs, or A Detailed Guide to Long-Term Sperm Scarecrows

I had the Paragard for a year and then had it removed. I got it for free from Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa, which was amazing. Insertion, as others have said, was really painful but very quick. I experienced some cramping the first few days I had it but the 800mg ibuprofen pills from Planned Parenthood took care of the pain. Unfortunately, my periods were so painful and heavy and long that I ended up having it removed. I would bleed through a regular tampon in 30-60 minutes, the cramps were blinding, I had cold sweats and nausea, and I ruined all of my underwear from breakthrough bleeding which was also quite heavy. My pre-Paragard periods were not light, but certainly manageable with a regular tampon changed every 6 hours or so, and lasted around 5 days. My Paragard periods lasted between 9 and 14 days, all of which had very heavy flow.

I really wanted to like it! But I was just so miserable and sick every three weeks, and in a sexual relationship with someone who wasn't crazy about period sex, so I cut my losses and had it removed. Even sticking it out for a full year was probably too long; every month my roommate tried to convince me that it wasn't getting better. I felt instant relief when my OB removed it (easy as pie, too!), but that could have just been psychosomatic. Two years later, my periods are still a little heavier than pre-IUD, but so much more manageable.

That said, I'm still a big fan! I know for many women it is an excellent choice, and I'm bummed it didn't work out for me. I would never discourage anyone from getting it, but I think it's important to know that sometimes it doesn't work out. I'm going to look into if my insurance covers Mirena, especially now that I quit smoking...

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On Beauty Q&A: Grays, OTKs, and Sleeping in Rollers

@thebestjasmine I have these and they don't make corners in your hair! They are hella soft so they just smush between your head and the pillow. The foam in them really is as soft as pillows so there are no angles to be made. I guess if you slept 100% stationary all night and your head weighs twice as much as average, your hair might be a little creased, but it has never been noticeable for me. Just oodles and oodles of curly curls!

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