On Vintage T-Shirts Are Not Made In a Day

i didn't think i had a big head until i tried to wear some bonafide vintage tees i found in my grandma's basement and i could barely get them over my head. too bad because they had sweet things printed on them like, "montreal" and a bunch of dated (but in a cool way) maple leaves. c'est la vie, i guess.

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On "The sexual narratives we absorb in youth are formidable, formative": What's Your All-Time Most Erotic Book?

@Cat named Virtute daaang! still can't believe that in the skin of a lion was required reading for my high school english course. it was an alternative school, local history, blah blah, but still... ahhhh!

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On Do You Suffer From Nomophobia? Probably.

@meetapossum yes, i just went camping somewhere where there was zero reception, and informed my mother ahead of time that she would not be able to call me at all and vice versa. in the middle of the drive back, what do i get? so many panicked texts and a call asking why i wasn't calling her every hour to let her know i was ok. ugggggh nervous parentals.

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On Welcome Home

@Mariajoseh i get that too - i'm real pale and don't wear blush, but the plus is that if i'm stuck somewhere i don't want to be, all i have to do is put on a neutral face and say i'm not feeling well...

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On Welcome Home

@MoxyCrimeFighter @crango this is me too. add a 20 year old sister who expects basic life things to be done for her - i mean, she scolds me and calls me lazy for not tidying up after her/cooking for her/driving her around - and it kinda sucks.

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On Eleven Nearly Forgotten Childhood Films

@EllyHigginbottom I WAS SHOWN THIS MOVIE AT SCHOOL! the bizzare thing is, no one in my class remembered seeing it when I talked about it years after the fact. I thought I had completely fabricated it. I totally forgot about it, but occaisonally a nagging thought would surface wondering whether it existed or not, until I took it upon myself to type the entire plot into google. finally, I had proof!

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On My Empire State of Mind

@dontannoyme I have awful hearing and thought the line was *wet dreams until I looked up lyrics

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On Lies My Spam Folder Tells Me About Myself

christian mingle has been trolling me pretty intensely lately! first it was humorous but now I find my attention unperceptibly shifting from whatever i should be doing to silently raging at their uberwholesome models that stare at me from the sidebar ads. c'mon internet, you should have noticed by now I only date heathens!

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On Shop Talk

@dabbyfanny ahhh that's pretty awesome. do you mind my asking what kind of wood/finish you used for it?

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On Dental Date

@Megasus I know! it would be cheaper for me to take a megabus from toronto to nyc and go here than it is to go to my normal dentist for a cleaning and check up...

also, this totally brought back a memory of when i visited new york city and for some reason my metrocard wouldn't swipe in the turnstile and a very nice but somewhat homeless looking woman hanging out in the station entrance was like, "here sometimes you have to do this!" and sprinted up and pushed me in behind my friend. was not expecting that, but hey, it works.

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