On Here Is Lorde's Birth Certificate

I love how seriously People.com is taking this: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20780855,00.html
All their commenters are in a tizzy that someone can just order a copy of a birth certificate. What outrage!

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On Friday Open Thread

@laurel What you said + when I tried to edit my last comment, it disappeared altogether.

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On The Funny Girls Pie

25% got the tampon joke but don't care for tampon jokes.

Seriously, though, tampon jokes? Period jokes? I don't think they're funny, regardless of the comedian's gender.

Addendum: the only possible exception is when my period takes me shopping. In conclusion, I would laugh at Katie Heaney's jokes.

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On Friday Open Thread

@ellochka Congrats!

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On Friday Open Thread

Even if you're having a bad week, don't worry, girl. It will be alright. Idris is here.

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On Friday Open Thread

I started volunteering at a cat rescue and it's amazing. I can't take a cat myself so I thought it would be easier but really, I want to take all of them home and just cuddle with them forever (as long as they allow me to). Oh, the emotions!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

(No, but seriously, you are the best and I agree.)

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On Three White Girls Successfully Pulling Off Hip-Hop Dance Moves

@Megasus I started watching from season 6 and loved it, same goes for season 7. From the eighth season, I started to feel a certain disconnect with the dancers and their dancing. They were technically amazing but I just didn't care who of them won.
This season, some dancers clicked for me when they were paired with All-Stars and not their original partners which probably shows that for me, there was no chemistry. I mean, Amy and Fik-Shun were adorable besties but I didn't want to see that week after week and they weren't convincing me in any dance that had a romantic setting.
A part of it is definitely the fact that the choreographers stay the same. I mean, I can pretty much guess what Sonya Tayeh or Stacey Tookey or Tyce Diorio are going to choreograph and the element of surprise is lost for me (NappyTabs still brings it from time to time). I love Christopher Scott and Spencer Liff but the moment I saw Mark Kanemura, I knew I was missing something totally fresh and exciting.

@mlle.gateau Yes, I also felt like they were really side-stepping the fact that Allison choreographed a dance about her relationship with tWitch, not just about acceptance - I don't think they even said it was about race but the undertone was so obvious.
Yes, I have many Things I Didn't Like This Season.

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On Three White Girls Successfully Pulling Off Hip-Hop Dance Moves

@Bittersweet Oh god, yes. "Dance will stop Obama from declaring war on Syria!" Dance is great but it won't solve problems, not even dancing about cancer or bullying or whatever Important Issues we have.

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On Three White Girls Successfully Pulling Off Hip-Hop Dance Moves

@Lily Rowan Can we also say how disappointed we are in all of SYTCYD this year? I felt no emotional connection to the dancers, I'm tired of routines built on social issues that get a standing ovation, no matter the actual quality of choreography and execution, of the same routines being danced every week.
Regarding the finale, I thought it was obvious Amy was the winner - I saw her so much more during the episode than Jasmine and when Cat announced one of the girls had pulled the most votes in total, the camera focused on Amy and Jasmine and you could tell by Jasmine's face that she knew it wasn't going to be her. As for Fik-Shun...yes, he's "America's Favorite Dancer", as Nigel keeps on reminding us but I didn't really feel anything for him.
Ugh, I have issues with this season.

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