Excerpts From My Feminist Reading of Gravity, Before I Have Seen it

"As Dr. Stone (Bullock) hurtles into darkness, Kowalsky's (Clooney) panicked voice issues from the radio: "Houston, I've lost sight of Dr. Stone!" This is a desperate, impotent Kowalsky, stripped of one vestige of power man retains even in outer space—his gaze upon the female form." READ MORE

Dinner Theatre: David Byrne and Annie Clark

As we all found out last week and have endlessly fantasized about since, St. Vincent and David Byrne are officially collaborating on an LP, touring together, and ostensibly having conversations with each other. READ MORE

Facts About Wheel of Fortune, With Unverified Explanations

For exactly two weeks, I worked in the production offices of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune. Here are some things that I learned. READ MORE