On "Doctor Who" and the Greenness of the Statue of Liberty

@SarcasticFringehead Right, and Amy got to act as the Doctor with 2 companions of her own. Very clever. :)

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On "Doctor Who" and the Greenness of the Statue of Liberty

@ohmy That's a good point. She did so much voice over in those Amelia episodes that the afterward thing was fitting, I guess.

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On "Doctor Who" and the Greenness of the Statue of Liberty

@SarcasticFringehead Have you seen Tennant in the hard-to-find miniseries Blackpool? He dances and lipsyncs to The Smiths. Priceless.

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On "Doctor Who" and the Greenness of the Statue of Liberty

Definitely a disappointing season. There's no real story arc, the main players are somewhat inconsistent in their characterizations from episode to episode (due in part to different writers, though it didn't seem jarring in seasons past), and the villains are either ho-hum or recycled. That being said, this episode had so much potential: I loved the possibilities of the noir detective genre, River was back (!), and the emotional resonance of the Ponds' good-bye. It didn't completely deliver, and I wasn't that sad at the very end, though the scene with Amy and Rory on the edge of the building was great. But after everything they did to establish the Doctor's relationship with Amy, I found their good-bye to be very anti-climactic.

Plus, I heart David Tennant, and miss his intensity and his ability to carry the moral ambiguities of the Doctor. Matt Smith is fine, but his Doctor doesn't feel weighty enough. The one stand out for me was Rory, whose character grew in a lovely way over his tenure (although mostly leading up to this season, and not IN this season). It's sad that I was more excited about the "Spies in Warsaw" commercial than anything in the episode.

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On Debt-Sharing and Mismatched Ambition

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On "As daughters do on wedding days, mine took my breath away"

And then someone comes to my desk to ask a question, and I am wiping away mascara. Fun!

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: That Divine Gary Cooper

Ok, I'll do it. Grinnell College represent!!!

Hey, we don't have that many famous alums to rally around...Herbie Hancock never graduated, Robert Noyce isn't exactly Steve Jobs on the excitement-o-meter, and the rest are mainly interesting to lovers of science and history.

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