By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Shame the Children

@regina dentata OMG My parents would not be able to handle me wearing short shorts in public, which is why I express myself through arson.

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By cabber on Today's Bleak Read

I can't even. I mean, really? I work in a child-welfare-related field and have 100% worked with people as delusional as Nicole Eason. People who would tell me straight up that they still parent their children when I TESTIFIED at their termination of parental rights hearings. It's incredibly scary that the internet/lack of any type of regulation/laws/consequences come together in this perfect storm that will more than likely perpetuate a cycle of abuse as these poor children grow up.

I am depressed and will now go and eat all of the coconut mojito popsicles in my freezer. Then I will get a good night's sleep and come to work tomorrow to continue to try to make the world a little bit better for the kids and families I work with.

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By sarrible on Today's Bleak Read

I cannot believe none of these people are in jail. What the actual FUCK.

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By Li'l Sebastian on Today's Bleak Read

If anyone needs a positive counterpoint to this story, I highly recommend checking out the Gazillion Voices Project, which is run by and for adults who were adopted as children. http://gazillionvoices.com/

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By adorable-eggplant on Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

@elenachicago She's amazing!! She also went to bat with a filibuster to temporarily block $5.4 billion in education cuts two years ago. She became a single mother (at 19, I think) and then worked her way through college and then Harvard Law. She's basically a superhero.

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By wee_ramekin on Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

Emma! Jia!

Thank you SO much for posting this.

@Pinners. It has been CRAZY here in Austin over the last few days. Pro-choice Texans have been turning out in droves to protest the flagrant disregard for the will of the people that has been occurring. We had 1,000+ protesters flooding the Texas Capital the day that the House took up this bill.This clip from the Rachel Maddow show details all the twists and turns this bill has taken, and all the roadblocks pro-choice Texans and Texas Democratic legislators have thrown up to stop it. The clip is about 6 minutes long, but it's a really good summary of what's been going on.

Amy Gentry (who used to comment pretty frenquently on the 'Pin as @oeditirx) was at the House debate and wrote a really moving opinion piece on this issue.

Y'all, take heart. We have an amazing champion in Wendy Davis, who is elegantly filibustering this shit into the ground. Texas House Representatives Jessica Farrar, Dawnna Dukes (that's my rep!), Senfronia Thompson, Sylvester Turner, Gene Wu, Nicole Collier, Alma Allen, Mary Gonzalez, and many others fought tooth and nail to delay passage of the bill in the house long enough to give Senator Davis as short a filibuster time as possible. It was amazing and inspiring to watch.

There's also a sense - at least from what I can tell on Twitter and by living in Austin - that Texas Democrats are really getting energized, with this issue as our flash-point.

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By hallelujah on Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

As shitty & terrible today has been, at least we have two new patron saints of Bad Ass Motherfuckery: RBG & Sen. Wendy Davis. I'm lighting a candle/taking a shot for each of these righteous ladies tonight.

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By Judith Slutler on This Summer: Stop Buying $5 Iced Coffees

@lora.bee ///TMI ALERT ///

and then there are those of us who rely on coffee to make us poo

///END TMI///

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By TheBelleWitch on What Is Amaranth

@amanduh I can relate to this story. I once made amaranth zucchini bread for a gluten-free friend and maybe he knew how awful it would be*, because he didn't take it and then told me something about how even some gluten-free grains were off-limits because they were still too gluten-like or something and I resolved never to bake for him again.**

*Maybe there's a way to sub amaranth flour for regular flour that's not disgusting? Anyone know?
**I sound like a dick so I should add that he doesn't have celiac, just a vague possibly sensitivity and that I don't really care what he eats, I just learned that I shouldn't get involved.

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By miss buenos aires on Friday Open Thread

In the interests of getting in all my culture before this baby comes, in the last week I have seen:

Macbeth - Alan Cumming, on Broadway, one-man show
Sleep No More - Sort-of-not-really adaptation of Macbeth where you chase the actors around a scary haunted-house/hotel-type place
Women of Will - Half-lecture, half-acting presentation on the evolution of Shakespeare's female characters

Has anyone else seen any of these?

I didn't realize until all the tickets were bought that apparently for me, culture=Shakespeare. But they were all very interesting, in their own ways. Then my body didn't like being dragged around so much and got sick on me.

In related news, Alan Cumming has a line of fragrances! It includes a soap called "Cumming in a Bar" and lotion called "Cumming all Over." My sister wants to pitch him a mouthwash: "Cumming in Your Mouth." I'm sure it's already in the works.

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