On Shame the Children

FWIW I have seen a complete stranger's scrotum while he was wearing too short shorts. We were at a winery and he was sitting in a chair cross legged, enjoying his wine. I have not seen a stranger's vulva due to her short shorts.

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On Today's Bleak Read

@E I haven't even brought myself to read the article because all those quotes in the comments are SO HORRIBLE.

All of this makes me extra sad for my sister and brother-in-law who have had such trouble adopting. My BIL is in the military and his deployments essentially make adoption impossible because of the home visits that are needed to be approved.

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On Your Breakfast Has Been Lying to You

I eat breakfast so that my hanger doesn't turn me into a homicidal maniac.

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On D.I.-Why?: Emily Matchar on the Allure of the “New Domesticity”

Ooh, I liked all of this, especially the bits about SAHDs and women retreating from the work force and that danger. I have a friend who was mostly a SAHD, and he loved it. If they could've afforded it he would never have gone back to work. On the flip side, my best friend is the primary earner and her husband is really resentful if her for it. If he has to pick up any parenting slack that puts him over his perceived 50%, he gets upset and starts a fight. All of this despite the fact that her putting extra hours in, or going to a conference here and there pays for the daycare that allows both of them to work. It's been shocking to see someone who presents himself as being so progressive turn out to be so archaic when its his role and his life.

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On "What's the Worst Thing That's Woken You Up in the Dead of Night?"

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

Ira Glass told me that to get a rabies shot if I ever found a bat in my room while I was sleeping, even if there are no visible bites. Ira said it, so I tell everyone now.

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On You Are Entitled to One Hour, Six Minutes, and 48 Seconds of Comfort

@Amphora Lotta from Stockholm! As a caterer I live in danscos, but I just cannot bring myself to wear them outside of the kitchen. The lotta Mary Jane clogs are so much more feminine and I can walk in them all day. They're really good for my back, too.

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On Ask a Jeweler: Shady Platinum, Sizing Up Your Rings, and the Case For Sapphires

@iceberg My engagement ring is an antique emerald and I'm a chef so I'm constantly working with and washing my hands, so I don't wear that ring every day. I do, however, have my grandmother's engagement ring that looks almost identical but is made with diamonds instead. I wear that one on my right hand every day. I break out the emerald when we're going out fancy or I've got a free day. Somehow I went from a girl who never wore jewelry except for an occasional necklace or bracelet to wearing sparkley things every day.

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Whatever you end up grilling, I love grilling a lemon cut in half and squeezing it on all the things. It brings out the juices, caramelizes the sugar, and gives off just the teensiest bit of bitterness from the pith. I especially recommend this with fish.

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On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

@meetapossum Eh. I love a good beard. But it has to be a GOOD beard. Sparse fuzzies, no thanks.

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On What Is Amaranth

@Science vs. Dinosaurs You can make the puffed stuff into breakfast food by treating it like granola! I mix mine with yogurt, cinnamon, honey, ground flax, vanilla, and bee pollen for my allergies. I actually usually eat it for lunch at work because it packs so well and all that is surprisingly filling.

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